Wolverine VS. Mr. Black

By: Kirk & Eric Buckendorf

We’ve switched to Video Format! Video is embedded after Peter’s interview, below

DMG’s third match of March Madness is Peter Hoettel’s Mr. Black  vs. Keith McGee’s Wolverine.

Peter’s Deck can be seen here!
Keith’s Deck can be seen here!

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Here are some notes from Peter on his deck:

 Peter HoettelsMr. Black.

Q) When did you make the deck
A)This deck was made for Midwinter Gaming convention in Milwaukee

Q) What was the idea behind the deck?
A) The main idea is smash face in this deck go very aggro and hopefully win turn 6-7 before combo decks can win, all while keeping pace with a lot of the aggro put in the vs sphere.

Q) What is the deck evolution (is this decks MC still relevant)?
A) I feel this deck is still very relevant to VS, while it’s not out there turning heads it stays consistent even with all the newer cards we are seeing. Only 1-2 cards have changed since the initial build that being dropping one self destruct for a Nullifier and if you want dropping Elsa for Massacre.

Q) What are the good matchups for the deck (what does it beat)
A) Some of the best match ups are decks that take awhile to set up, as they are most likely going to get smashed in the face. Aggro is rough for this guy but due to his red power he can be a great attacker at lvl 2.

Q) What are the bad match ups for the deck (what beats it)
A) I feel that discard can beat it as it does take away some pieces from the deck to play with. Also defensive alt win decks as they are designed to really stop aggro.

Q) What deck do you think will win March Madness?
A) Is this really a question? Mine of course, but in all seriousness I think about 90% of the decks in this tourney have a good chance to win as they have proven themselves to just get this far. Luke is a strong competitor I think he has the best chance of winning.

Here is the video!