VS Exclusive! Aliens Preview

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The good folks at Upper Deck were kind enough to share with us one of the Xenomorph cards from the upcoming VS 2PCG Aliens set. I doubt you’re even reading this, you’ve probably already scanned down to read the card! So here it is, John and I will give our thoughts about it afterwords when you’re ready:


Kirk – This  and the previews on Thursday confirm my suspicions that the Xenomorphs are going to be centered around the Swarm keyword. With The Company team utilizing Equipment in the game and the Xenomoprhs not being able to use equipment themselves because of the Creature keyword, I think we’ll get to see some more powerful Plot Twists for the Xenomorphs when the set is revealed. In addition to the Accelerated Growth on the Adolescent and Screech on the Screeching Xenomorph, I think there will be some kind of effect that helps find and put more copies of Swarm characters into play. It’s not enough to hope to draw multiple copies organically; to keep up with the Super Heroes of the Marvel set, they’re going to need a lot of ways to cheat multiples into play.

What do you think do you think about this card, John?

John – I’m actually a really big fan of this card. Given light of recent previews, and confirmation that Swarm is a keyword on all the Xenomorphs, this is actually the first one with 2 health – which in my opinion is really important for the Xenomorph deck. The 1 on the backside makes him a bit fragile but 4 attack and flight on your turn is exactly what the swarm deck needs to keep pressuring the opposing main character. From what we’ve seen so far between a new 1-drop that grows itself as well as a 4 attack 2-drop, and a 4-drop that pumps them up we’re going to see quite an army amass in play. Combine the Xenomorphs with Loyal Soldiers and no main character is safe.

I also think, and it’s definitely too early to tell for sure, but this card combined with some of the other previewed cards allows you to “get under” Thanos and make Infinity Gauntlet a lot less impactful (but still devastating to a certain extent). When you have a board of several 1 and 2-drops that keep stunning their MC then it’s going to be tough to clear the way. We might see a shift to Electro rather than Yondu if the previews continue this way but that ultimately depends on the Alien MCs in the set. Regardless, I’m really excited about this card!

Kirk – Agreed, this card was needed. At first I was a little skeptical about its value while looking at it in a vacuum, but when you look at the Aliens previews as a whole you can see that Flight and Range are not going to be their strong suit at all, and Leaping Xenomorph asnwers one of those giving them just a taste while still keeping the Flavor of the amazing Aliens IP. Also the more powerful Xenomorphs shown so far have all had 1 Health, so your point on this one having 2 is huge. I’m excited to see more and even more excited to get my hands on the cards come Gencon! Thanks again to Mark and everyone at Upper Deck for sharing this preview with us!