Salt 16: Star-Lord VS Iron Man

By: Eric Buckendorf

Star-Lord VS Iron Man

(Spoiler Alert – After you read the article you can see the Salt 16 Bracket here)

Welcome all, Star-Lord and Iron Man have both advanced and will be tipping off our first match in round two of the Salt 16! We chose who would play each deck randomly to keep up with what we have been doing the whole event so far. Kirk was the Pilot for Iron Man and I got the chance to kick the tires on Old Star-Lord. Enough with the set up, let’s get into the match.

Turn 1: I won the die roll and chose to play first keeping my hand. Kirk chose to mulligan. I rolled out with a Sanctum Sanctorum as my resource and passed. Kirk resourced a Laboratory and passed as well.

Turn 2: I added an Academy and recruited Mantis, then moved her and Star-Lord to my front row for a team attack on Iron Man. To my surprise Kirk didn’t have the power up gaining a wound for his MC.

Kirk’s second resource was an Academy. He used his Laboratoy to activate Iron Man’s Repulsor Blast during his main phase. The blast was directed at Star-Lord moving him to the back row but more importantly it added a -1-1 counter to Star-Lord.

Turn 3: I placed a card face down and recruited my first of copy of Yondu, I had just drawn a second. I sent everyone in with another 4 point attack. Kirk had Iron Man strike back at Yondu but only before he would gain his second wound. An Arcadia was the only new addition to Kirk’s side of the table on his turn three.

Turn 4: A second copy of Sanctum Sanctorum joined my resources. I had nothing small enough to recruit so I went for another 4 point team attack on Iron Man who took his third straight wound. Yondu took the blow and was knocked out.

On his fourth turn Kirk added his second Academy then recruited Singularity for some much needed defense. With no good attacks Kirk passed his turn after forming up with Singularity in front row protecting Iron Man who was in the back row.

Turn 5: I added second copy of Academy to my resource row. Using Star-Lord’s Greatest Guardian super power to gain a sixth resource point. I used them to recruit my favorite six drop Loki. Loki went to the front row along with Mantis while Star-Lord went to the back row. Loki then attacked Singualry but Kirk had the Think Again to effectively end my turn.

On his turn 5 Kirk added Arcadia number two and Pixie was his lone recruit. Kirk was only able to find Meggan with Pixie’s super power. She joined the other two ladies up front for a 5 point team attack into Star-Lord. I had the You Won’t Like Her When She’s Angry to erase the -1-1 counter and add a +1+1 counter to Star-Lord bringing his defense to six. Kirk had a copy of Singularity to power up. I used a second copy of YWLHWSA to put Star-Lord up to a 5/8. Kirk ran out of gas and Star-Lord was able to survive while striking back at Pixie taking her off the board and breaking up the powerful combo.

Turn 6: I laid a card face down and activated Greatest Guardian to ad a seventh resource point. Iceman came into play Freezing Iron Man. Valkyrie was my next recruit giving me my fifth experience to level up Star-Lord. During my main phase I pitched a copy of Valkyrie to power up and draw three cards. I sent Mantis to attack a 3/6 Singularity which gave me another resource when she was stunned. I then sent Iceman into Meggan for a double stun putting Iceman into my discard for later. I then sent Loki into Singularity. Kirk used YWLHWSA but I had the Even the Odds in hand to negate it sending Singularity to the discard pile. Valkyrie attacked Meggan and got the easy stun. Then Star-Lord was sent to give Iron Man his fourth wound.

Kirk’s sixth turn he used a power up on both Iron Man and Meggan to give Iron Man enough experience to level up. Still frozen though Iron Man was not able to make an attack. Meggan had to sit tight not having a good attack to make.

Turn 7: I used the Sanctum Sanctoram I just resourced to activate Valkyrie’s Chooser of the Slain super power. This allowed me to play my second copy of Iceman and recruit the first from the discard pile to freeze Kirk’s two characters. Iron Man was my next recruit and he allowed me to turn up an Academy. When I powered up Iron Man and drew three cards during my main phase, Kirk was ready to call it and scooped to shuffle up for game two. Loki for two turns usually spells disaster and as you can see Kirk’s hand wasn’t getting any better.

Game 2, Turn 1: Kirk was on the play and resourced a Laboratory before he passed. I resourced a Knowhere and recruited  Iceman who froze Iron Man. I put iceman in the back row behind Star-Lord.

Turn 2: Kirk laid a card face down and skipped to his main phase. Iron Man flew over to take Iceman out. On my turn I laid a second Knowhere and recruited last game’s all star beater Mantis. I sent them in for a team attack on Iron Man but was thwarted by a power up from Kirk who chose to strike Star-Lord keeping Mantis out of my resource row.

Turn 3: Kirk resourced an Academy and and passed still refusing to help me ramp with an attack on Mantis. I had an Academy to resource and I used it immediately to activate Greatest Guardian. Yondu and Singularity joined my party with Singularity in the back row behind Yondu, Star-Lord and Mantis. I sent my team at Iron Man for a 5 point attack but again Kirk had the power up for Iron Man to slip my jab. Kirk chose to strike Yondu. I then sent Star-Lord to the Pocket Dimension leaving Mantis to block ending my turn.

Turn 4: Kirk laid an Arcadia and recruited Meggan. She entered his back row and he passed making no attacks.

My turn 4 consisted of laying an Academy and recruiting a second copy of Mantis sending my first copy to my resource row. I also Leveled Star-Lord with this being my fifth recruit. I then brought Yondu into the game and placed him in the back row behind everyone else. I activated Yaka Arrow first to stun Meggan thus keeping anyone from getting too angry. I then sent Mantis and Star_Lord into Iron Man who was stunned. Kirk stayed true to not helping out with Mantis ramp and had Iron Man strike Star-Lord. I sent Yondu and Star-Lord to the Pocket Dimension leaving Mantis out in case Kirk changed his mind.

Turn 5: Kirk laid a card face down and recruited Pixie and Singularity. His activation of Pixie found some gas finally and Ghost Rider joined the fray. He directed his Penance Stare at Singularity for two -1-1 counters. Then he powered up his Pixie to level up Iron Man. Ghost Rider attacked Singularity who was knocked out. Pixie attacked Yondu but I had Even the Odds to save him and more importantly take away the +1+1counter. He then had Iron Man attack Yondu and got the KO. After this he sent everyone but Iron Man to the pocket dimension and passed.

I laid a Sanctum Sanctorum and activated Greatest Guardian so I could recruit Ghost Rider. His stare gave three -1-1 counters to Iron Man. Ghost Rider attacked Iron Man and got the stun. I then sent Mantis and Star-Lord into Singularity for a combined attack of 6. Kirk had the YWLHWSA and I realized I probably should have attacked in the opposite order. Kirk agreed but we played on and I marked the lesson for later in my notes.

Turn 6: Now things get more interesting. Kirk’s whole team comes back from the pocket dimension. Ghost Rider gave the old Penance Stare to my Ghost Rider for three -1-1 counters. Kirk’s recruit was Moon Knight after a second Academy entered his resource row. He activated Pixie and found our girl Loki who also entered the from row. He then powered up Moon Knight and drew three cards. Using a face up Academy to Upgrade the Armor on Moon Knight giving him 3 more +1+1 counters. Kirk had a Fortess to activate Meggan’s Empathetic Metamorph super power and added six +1+1 counters to his powerful two drop. Then he had Loki attack into Mantis marking the turn of the tide for Star-Lord and his gang. Ghost Rider attacked Star-Lord and also got the stun. Moonknight was next now that all of my Guardians were face down or KO’d to avoid Even the Odds. Ghost Rider was stunned and wounded.

Putting a card face down to get my eight resource I recruited both Iron Man and Yondu. I had Yondu send his Yaka Arrow at Singularity to KO that nuisance. When Ghost Rider appeared Kirk had him put five -1-1 counters on my Ghost Rider. I wanted to use Speed Cop before hand but it turns out that doesn’t work with appears powers. I only had one good attack so I had Iron Man fly over and KO Pixie. That was all I had left so I passed.

Turn 7: Academy and Hulk were Kirk’s new cards on board. After setting his formation Kirk powered up Moon Knight twice drawing three cards for the first one. Then he discarded an Arcadia to activate Meggan giving her another eight +1+1 counters. This was just starting to get ridiculous. Kirk then had Ghost Rider attack Star_Lord getting the stun and wound. After that Hulk went after my Ghost Rider for the KO. Loki followed up by stunning Yondu. With my board ravaged and face down he passed.

My turn 7 I had Santom Sanctorum and Ghost Rider to lay. I gave five -1-1 counters to Loki then had my Ghost Rider attack Hulk which got the stun. I then team attacked Loki for the KO and passed.

Turn 8: Kirk had no recruits after playing an Avenger’s Mansion. Hulk’s Incredible Power was activated giving him a colossal seven +1+1 counters. I didn’t need to play on after Kirk’s attacks and decided to enter my scoop phase after drawing. On to game three.

Game 3, Turn 1: I chose to play and kept. I laid an Academy in my resource row and chose not to recruit my Yondu because Iron Man could just fly over and stun him. Kirk played an Academy and passed with no attacks.

Turn 2: I added a Training Ground and chose to pass again. Kirk laid an Arcadia and passed also.

Turn 3: I drew a second copy of Yondu who was my Mulligan target in all of these games. I laid a card face down and recruited Yondu to stall Singularity and Meggan for a couple of turns. Kirk laid a Fortess and had Iron Man add a wound to Yondu after not bringing in any new recruits.

Turn 4: I had still had no drops low enough to make here so I laid a second card face down and passed. Kirk had a Laboratory and a Moon Knight to add to his board. He had Moon Knight attack Star-Lord for a stun and Iron Man then finished off Yondu.

Turn 5: Finally the game starts for me, I have been waiting so long to play Loki. I had to lay a YWLHWSA a face down and then I put Loki up front with my MC in the back. She was powered up drawing me three cards. I attacked his Moon Knight with Loki but had to Think Again ending my turn.

Kirk added a second Fortess to his resource row and recruited Meggan to the back row. I powered up Iron Man once and Moon Knight three times leveling up his MC. Now having access to Upgraded Armor Kirk chose to give Moon Knight three more +1+1 counters. After this display of power Kirk kept his foot on the gas and activated Meggan giving her seven +1+1 counters. He used Repulsor Blast to remove Loki’s +1+1 counter and moved her to the back row.

Kirk finally decided to start dishing out the pain and had Meggan attack Loki first in case I had Even the Odds, which I used to remove all her counters. The ranged attack didn’t allow me to strike back at Meggan so she survived for now. Next Kirk had Moon Knight attack Loki unluckily for Kirk I had the second copy of Even the Odds to ruin the huge number of counters Kirk had built up. Kirk responded with a power up for Moon Knight still wanting to get Loki off the table. I had the YWLHWSA for the blow out and Kirk’s huge turn was ended since Iron Man did not have enough attack to go after anyone.

Turn 6: I added a Knowhere to my resources and activated Greatest Guardian to gain a seventh resource to recruit Valkyrie and Iceman. I forgot freeze anyone just focusing on getting Star-Lord more experience to level him up next turn.

I put Iceman in the front row to make his attack on Meggan a melee attack and they traded KOs. Next I sent Loki into Iron Man and powered her up with Call to put a third +1+1 counter on her and draw three cards. The attack was good and and I added my first wound to Iron Man and passed holding both Valkyrie and Ghost Rider in hand.

On Kirk’s sixth turn he added the Pixie and Singularity to the board after laying a Laboratory into his resource row. He then activated Pixie during his main phase and found Loki who entered the front row.

Kirk made no attacks and passed leaving Iron Man in front to protect Singularity.

Turn 7: Sanctum Sanctorum joined my resources and then recruited Ghost Rider who gave four -1-1 counters to Iron Man and also leveled up my MC. I powered up Valkyrie during my main phase to draw three cards and then figured out my attacks.

Valkyrie attacked Iron Man for an easy stun. Then Loki attacked Singularity which also worked out with out responses from Kirk.

I had Star-Lord attack Pixie next for another knock out. Then Ghost Rider knocked Meggan out of the game. I think I could have taken Loki out but I was so far ahead I chose to take the safe grind and allowing Kirk to draw three felt worth the risk with my current set up. Looking back though I probably chose the riskier play.

Kirk added an Avenger’s Mansion to his resources and recruited his own copy of Ghost Rider who gave his stare for a whopping nine -1-1 counters to my Loki.

He then sent his Ghost Rider into mine and they both traded stuns and wounds. Iron Man didn’t have enough power to attack anyone and this made me realize how limited Iron Man is in the late game.

Turn 8: I laid another copy of Knowhere and recruited Iceman who did freeze Iron Man this time. Then I added Singularity and Yondu to my team. Seeker of the Dead allowed me to cycle my two copies of Iceman until Kirk’s entire board was frozen.

I sent Iceman to the front row and Singularity to the back with Yondu and Star-Lord. Ghost Rider and Vakyrie were on point. Iceman was sent to knock himself out. Then the fun began. I sent Ghost Rider into Iron Man not worried about much because I had drawn a ton of gas already. Kirk had YWLHWSA so I responded with Even the Odds. Kirk responded with another copy of YWLHWSA so I matched that again with Even the Odds and I got the stun.

I then had Valkyrie attack Loki which cost me my +1+1 counter and a wound on Valkyrie but Loki was not longer a threat So I passed after removing everyone else I could to the Pocket Dimension.

Kirk’s turn eight saw a Laboratory and a Hulk added to play. Hulk was sent to attack my Singularity but she got Angry and the attacked was nullified. The rest of Kirk’s squad was frozen so Kirk had to pass.

Turn 9: I laid another Sanctum Sanctorum after Ghost Rider gave Kirk’s copy of Ghost Rider nine -1-1 counters with his appears power. I activated Chooser of the Slain to recruit Iceman three times from the discard pile freezing Kirk’s squad for another round. I had Iceman go to the back row this time though realizing Singularity was going to use his ability better this way.

I powered up Yondu to draw three more cards before I started my attacks. Ghost Rider stunned Hulk. Then Loki went after Iron Man who was powered up. I responed with a power up for Loki and the stun went through. After sending all but Star-Lord to the Pocket Dimension I passed.

On Kirk’s ninth turn he laid a fortress and recruited Loki to his front row. Kirk activated Hulk’s Incredible Power to add seven +1+1 counters to him. Then sent Loki into Star-Lord for a stun and wound on my MC. Kirk then chose to Upgrade Hulk’s Armor and added three more +1+1 counters to him and Passed.

Turn 10: Holy cow this match was long but very fun. But alas just the appearance of Ghost Rider the ten -1-1 counters were enough to get the final stun and wound on Iron Man ending this match.