Salt 16: Sister Ripley VS. Loki

By: Eric Buckendorf

(Check out the Salt 16 Bracket here)

Time for our second quarter final match up and it looks interesting. With 7th seed Sister Ripley taking on 10th seed Loki MC. These are not two of the premiere decks and I was not quite sure what to expect going into this match up. I have a soft spot for Sister Ripley though and would like to see her take this one down. I just haven’t seen a good build of Loki yet that can keep up with most of the decks I have tested against it. The randomizer chose me to play Loki which is fine with me cause it just feels like it needs development and this would give me a chance to learn what might need to be done to improve on this deck. It does some very powerful things in the early game and getting a stun on Loki is no easy task.

(Sister Ripley spends the early turns making damage-less attacks to level up along with her friends, while Loki and Sister Grimm recycle some Angry Plot twists)

I was on the draw in game one and had a decent hand. Sister Grimm, Singularity, Shock to the System, Metal and Fire, Academy, Arcadia and a The Vault. This looked like a keeper to me. I drew Pixie on turn three and decided to play her out and go for an activation without Singularity in play. I kind of wanted to get a wound on Ripley and I had 3 blue sources to activate her with. My Loki MC Lvl 1 had four +1+1 counters on him along with a couple plot twists in hand. I hit a Singularity and had to pass the turn without doing anything useful. This match-up was not feeling great as I kept missing on Thanos once I had Singularity SC in play.

(Sister Ripley equips a Power Loader and recruits a Company Army, while Pixie desperately searches for a Thanos)

I did get to a point where I finally got a Thanos going and Kirk had no characters in play and I was able to get one wound on His Ripley #8 Lvl2 MC right when Sister Grimm morphed into her, but he then readied and played a Dr. Strange and had a Yellow and an Earth available to wreck my board. He took My Singularity’s two +1+1 counters and turned them into two -1-1 counters and then attacked with his Dr Strange. I was not able to save my Singularity for a third time and Thanos was exposed to the I’m Sorry super power from Ripley #8. This was game as Kirk was able to give Dormammu six -1/-1 counters with Ripley #8’s Acidic Blood super power. He then proceeded to Transmute the -1/-1 counters on Ripley into +1/+1s. This after he made Dr. Strange put on a Power Lifter. Needless to say I scooped.

(Ripley #8’s powers proved to be too much for even the mighty Titan. With Help from Dr. Strange, she ended the game)

Game 2:
I was on the play. I had Singularity, Sister Grim, Shock to the System, Academy, Laboratory, Trickster God and an Arcadia. I really wanted Pixie but I felt like I had to keep.

(Sister Ripley started off with a big team attack having recruited Kane and Bishop turn 2, but Sister Grimm searched up a Metal & Fire to shut it down)

The game was not competitive at all. I did not draw a Pixie the entire game and I was starting at three copies of Thanos in hand. This build was not so great it turns out and we will have to revisit Loki some other time. Sister Ripley won easily and she will be moving on.

(Ripley 8, Rinse and Repeat. Thanos & Loki are no match for Ripley and Dr. Strange)

Tune in next time as 6th Seed Iron Man takes on 11th Seed Enchantress!