Salt 16: Recap and Entry Standings before the Finals!

By: Kirk Buckendorf

I thought it would be fun to see where everyone who entered the Salt 16 Bracket Challenge is at before Eric and I play the Final match between Dark Phoenix and Sister Grimm. (Click on their links to see the decklists!)

Going into the tournament we had Dark Phoenix as the number 1 seed, and she did not disappoint. The real talk of the Salt 16 (other than Loki being the MVP of every deck she was in) is about how Star-Lord and Sister Grimm really shook up the right side of the bracket. Sister Grimm took out the number 2 seed Captain Marvel in the first round and Star-Lord took out the number 3 seed Deadpool. You can check out their journey on the official bracket here.

Now is the part where Anthony Calabrese and Colby Gerrish make fun of me for almost not including Sister Grimm in the tournament at all. Luckily I left it open to the Facebook Group to help select the top 16 Main Characters to include, and smarter heads prevailed!

We’d opened up the bracket for fans to submit their own picks and we had 6 contenders fill them out, and here is where they stand so far:

Sal D’Agostino

Rob Campbell

Mike Wheaton

Mark Nealon

John Tatta

Carlos Valenzuela

And just for fun, I’d made my own bracket:

Kirk Buckendorf

I’ve tallied up the points so far and here’s where we stand:

Tied for first so far:
John Tatta – 52 points
Mark Nealon – 52 points
Mike Wheaton – 52 points

And the rest:
Carlos Valenzuela – 48
Sal D-Agostino – 44
Rob Campbell – 24

If Sister Grimm wins, we’ll have to go to tie breakers, but if Dark Phoenix wins that will give Mark and Sal 32 more points each, crowning Mark the Champion and winner and Sal the runner up… When does Sal NEVER make the finals!?

For sick Brags, I have 56 points so far! and if Dark Phoenix wins I’ll finish with 88 for the sickest of brags!

Thanks for following along so far, and look forward to Eric’s next match report!