Salt 16: Magneto VS. Dr. Strange

By: Eric Buckendorf

(Follow along on the bracket here)

Our fourth match is pitting Kirk’s Magneto build vs Dr. Strange. Kirk rolled Magneto and I was able to play Dr. Strange.

I won the die roll and would normally like to draw first. But against Magneto I needed to get out early before he leveled and started destroying my resources. I mulliganed for a good early start cause I knew I would need to get stuns on Magneto early and often if I wanted to have a chance to going beyond 5 resources. My second hand was not much better. I got one Sanctum Sanctorum and that is all the blue I saw for the rest of the game.

(Ronan gets the blind Singularity Call, and with a couple Power Ups, starts the beats early)

I had a handful of 5 and 6 drops that were not power-ups for Dr. Strange. This game degraded quickly as I kept drawing the top end of my curve. Turns out this is not much of a challenge for Magneto.

(Cosmo helps lock Dr. Strange Down, and with Magneto beginning the Resource Destruction, Strange’s hand of big drops weren’t getting anywhere)

The second game didn’t go much better. I mulliganed into Singularity, 2x Laboratory, Sanctum Sanctorum, Arcadia and a Shock to the System. This seemed like the best hand I could start with without Singularity. I drew 3 cards right away flipping one location and discarding the other two. I only had one power up though, so no stun for Magneto.

Kirk played a turn one Helmut Zemo and was able to sow distrust with Singularity and she decided to walk away from this fight and hang out in the discard pile to watch. Then next turn I played an Arcadia and passed with nothing useful to do or set up. Kirk then played Ronan and had the Yellow to Accuse me of having an undocumented copy of Dr. Strange in hand. Kirk wanted to keep me within stun range by taking away the +1+1 potential I had in hand.

I did draw a Super Senses the turn after Kirk saw my hand so he was unaware of the defensive plot twist when he attacked Strange with his Ronan with a Power Up. He had a Trickster God, though, so Ronan could trade stuns and keep Strange from getting the last XP he needed next turn’s draw phase to level up.

(Ronan brings the beats again after the Trickster God turn, team attacking with Magneto to keep Dr. Strange from Leveling at the start of turn)

Kirk had a Cosmo in play naming Dr. Strange which kept me from using the Laboratory I drew to level up. He untapped and took my two copies of Satana with Accuse and that was going to be the game. I was not going to see a 6th resource for a while and he had established a powerful board that this deck was just not going to be able to come back from. I have played against and with Magneto enough to know when I am beat.

(Magneto again locks down the game with Cosmo and Resource suppression)

This wasn’t the greatest of match ups but those are the breaks. The next match-up looks a lot better with Luke Cage taking on Phoenix. Until then keep it Salty.