Salt 16: Iron Man VS. Enchantress

By: Eric Buckendorf

(Check out the Salt 16 Bracket here, so you can follow along!)

6th Seed Iron Man VS. 11th Seed Enchantress

Now this looks like a great match up with two powerful and proven decks. I like them both so I am just ready to get these games going. I got to play the Enchantress Deck and I finally won the die roll. I had to roll a 12 BTW to beat Kirk’s 11. Luck is on my side.

Game 1:

My opening hand was great, I had a 1 drop and his name is Cosmo. This and I had plenty 3 various locations along with a good curve. No plot twists other than Femme Fatality. This build is a shell from the Magneto MC deck Kirk and I played at Origins 2015. So I was very familiar with what this deck was trying to do. It’s much more aggressive though with Enchantress’ Imbue with Power super power and the out of combat Stuns coming from Femme Fatality.

(First turn Cosmo is usually enough to beat almost any Main Character)

Cosmo pretty much shut the game out on turn 1. Kirk was never able to stun him and my curve of turn 2 Helmut Zemo who was able to Sow Distrust by forcing Kirk to discard his copy of Pixie. Hellstrom followed up and the deck just curved out on Kirk. The two copies of Femme Fatality I was able to play for four -1/-1 counters and then five -1/-1 counters the following turn were all just too much with a perfect curve out. This game easily went to Enchantress MC.

(Helmut snagging Pixie was followed by Ronan getting 2 Loki. The end was nigh as Enchantress curved out, destroying Iron Man)

Game 2:

Kirk was on the play and Iron Man was not messing around this game. I mulliganed for a 1 drop but failed to get one and now I didn’t even have the Ronan two cost Character I pitched away to that mulligan.

(Iron Man was able to put together Pix-Sing by turn 3, while Enchantress only had a Hellstrom Proxie)

Turns out I was not able to make a drop until turn 3 with my first recruit being Hellstrom. This game Iron Man had me on my heels for every turn and Kirk was able to establish a board state as impressive as mine was the first game. He beat me, now we get to go to game 3!

(Pix-Sing lead to Loki shenanigans which lead to a full house with giant Hulk and a 15/15 Meggan. Enchantress missed her curve, and Dormammu tried to recruit a dead Ghost Rider to help, but with a KO full of Villains Enchantress couldn’t put anything together)

Game 3:


(First turn Cosmo again made the outlook not so good for Iron man)

I keep my opening hand because it has a Cosmo. There were three locations Madripoor, Laboratory, and Weilan-Yutani Complex. There was a copy of Femme Fatality along with a Satana and Hellstrom. I was pretty pumped to have such a good start. I was not able to stun but getting an experience along with Cosmo complete shutting down Ironman. You can’t really get a better start. I saved the Laboratory for a later drop and was rewarded with a Fisk Tower and a Helmut Zemo. I had this same sequence game one and felt the beat down starting to commence. I use the Laboratory to Imbue Helmut with some Power. He attacked Ironman but this time Kirk had the power up, so we just bump since Ironman does not have range thanks to Cosmo. I was able to take away Kirk’s Singularity by Sowing Distrust.

(Helmut breaks up the Pix-Sing combo before it can get out of hand… by pulling Singularity out of hand…)

Kirk is unable to play anything other than a Pixie on his turn two. My turn three play is Hellstrom and now I get to team attack with him and Helmut Zemo. Things are feeling good so I start to get ahead of myself. I feel like I have such an advantage here that I could afford to use the two copies Femme Fatality on Pixie. I know Kirk has two You Won’t Like Her When She’s Angry and one copy of Think Again. So unfortunately I use the two plot twists to stun Pixie and then team attack to get my first wound on Ironman. This will cost me later. If I had just used the Femme Fatalities one at a time to get a wound on Ironman MC I could have just stunned him out in the next 4 turns. But this is what cost me the game later. I let Kirk’s pictures explain the rest of the comeback he was able to make.

(Unable to put anything together until turn 6, other than an exposed Moon Knight who died quickly, Loki drops onto a battle field full of Villains on the other side and said, “Is that all you got?”

(With a Power up on the turn Loki dropped, another on Enchantress’ turn and another on Iron Man’s next turn with a grip of cards and Plot Twists to keep Loki in play the comeback is inevitable as Ghost Rider helps Loki take out the 3 big protectors so Iron Man can fianlly get at Cosmo and Upgrade Loki’s Armor sealing the deal with Enchantress having no way to take down the Power Hungry giant backed by a hand filled with defensive Plot Twists and more threats. Turns out, drawing 6 extra cards every round is pretty good. I was honestly shocked, I thought Enchantress would win hands down with being on the play two of the games, but turns out Iron Man has game as long as Loki is around. If I were to tweak the deck, I think I’d swap out Pixie for Call just to get Iron man leveled up during the early rounds and let Loki take the wheel on turn six. Singularity seems good enough on her own, I think, but we’ll see if the Pix-Sing combo is just more effective against non-discarding decks. – Kirk)

I am enjoying myself with this challenge and feel like I am gaining a great deal of insight into cards and decks I have just not been able to play yet. I hope everyone reading this is enjoying it as much as I am. See you next week as we start with 5th Seed Magneto VS. 12th Seed Dr. Strange!