Salt 16: Deadpool VS. Star-Lord

By: Eric Buckendorf

(Spoiler: Check out the Slat 16 Bracket here, but wait until you read this if you don’t want it spoiled!)

It’s the sixth match up the Salt 16. I am playing Deadpool and Kirk is playing Star-Lord, I am not quite sure how I am going to get to five attack right away without Namor or a hand full of power ups that just get wiped out by Star-Lord’s 4x Even the Odds. I still feel good about my chances though since this build has Cable who I think is underrated in this deck. I like him in here because this deck is built to beat up on Dark Phoenix and it was doing surprisingly doing well vs Captain Marvel. Two decks I considered to be the number 1 and 2 seeds before this whole bracket was conceived.

Game 1:
I win the die roll and choose to play first thinking I am going to need Namor to get to five attack. I mulligan the first hand away for a Namor, it also had no power ups or Open Fires. The next hand though had two copies of Spook, Leaping Xenomorph, Acid Blood Xenomorph and three various locations. Not Namor but a really good hand consider the two Xenos and Spooks.

Turn 1: I resource a School for the Gifted and I am not able to gain experience obviously.

Turn 2: I recruit a Leaping Xeno and Hide him behind Deadpool after resourcing a Knowhere. I use a copy of Spook to stun Star-Lord and I gain one level after I pass.

Turn 3: Kirk still had no play so I recruit the Acid Blood Xenomorph and use a 2nd Spook to gain a second XP. This was probably my mistake, I should team attacked for the Stun instead…

(Star-Lord tries to get something going with a 4th turn Singularity, and attacks to put a wound on the Leaping Xenomorph)

Turn 4: Kirk finally plays a character in Singularity, I proceed to play one of my drawn copies of Yondu along with another School for a resource. I form up hiding my Yondu in the back row behind Acid Blood and Leaping Xenomorph. I used Yondu’s Yaka Arrow super power to get Singularity out of picture without letting anyone get Angry, because you won’t like Star-Lord or Singularity if they get angry. I make the team attack on Star-Lord who KO’s the leaping Xenomorph and I gain my final experience at the end of turn. Which levels deadpool up. Now my draws were getting weak. I’m drawing non Spook Plot twists and Yondu and Kirk is just about to hit his first real turn of the game. I really need to draw a couple of Characters that I can play at least one.

(Loki has been an MVP so far in the Salt 16, can she help Star-Lord as well? Probably since he cheats her into play on turn 5…)

Turn 5: Kirk played Loki and this is where I think I need to play more Loki decks. I have been getting smashed in the tournament and two of those beatings have come from decks containing Loki. My one win was with a Loki deck. We both agree that no matter which MC wins this thing, A-Force Loki is the early favorite for MVP. This darn Loki is now an 8/7 and she just filled Kirk’s hand up with more gas. He had at least 6 cards in hand. Kirk then attacked my Acid Blood Xenomorph with Loki and Yondu with his Star-Lord. They both gain their first wounds and he passed. I draw and I get no luck as far as characters go and don’t even have a good attack. I activated Deadpool’s Oh There’s Someone, Hi There! Super Power, but it’s not looking good. I usually win with this deck on turn five or six and lose if I go passed that as the characters just get too big with too much health at this point.

(Star-Lord cheats Ghost Rider into play on turn 6 to give Loki an assist in cleaning house… Deadpool is a slob.)

Turn 6: Gross Rider comes in and pretty much just says you need to draw perfect for two turn or this game is over. I didn’t draw any more Cable, Rocket or Spook which would all need to come together on one big turn to finish off Kirk. But that was not the case as Kirk continued to improve his board with more characters each turn to my none.

(Turn 7, Star-Lord is feeling good drawing 6 extra cards a round off Loki to set up and protect the Singularity/Ghost Rider combo… Just make sure to not send EVERYONE into the pocket dimension with Sing, as a single Spook would mean the demise of Kirk being the only character left for Deadpool to kill)

Game 1 goes to Star-Lord. I can’t help but to think I may have made a mistake using Spook on turn 3 instead of team attacking, saving the Spook for a later turn when it would’ve been more effective.

Game 2:
I choose to be on the draw. I might need to take the draw for future testing because I found several match ups where I wanted the extra cards and would just usually win on turn six instead of five. I chose to try it here because I really didn’t see a lot of turn one stuns coming out of the Deadpool deck. I look for Namor again. I don’t get there in the opener and it was not worth keeping anyway. The next hand I have a couple of Spooks along with 3 various resources, Leaping Xenomorph, Cable and an X-Factor. This should do again.

Turn 1: Kirk’s turn one he played a Sanctum Sanctorum along with an Iceman who Froze Deadpool. Well Crap that’s the bad start for me. I have no play other than a School for a resource

(Deadpool looks to get something Lethal going on Yondu and Iceman… they don’t need to be cluttering up the board. He has players to kill)

Turn 2: Kirk placed a Training Ground and recruited a Yondu. There are no attacks for Kirk to make so he just passes. I get to ready Deadpool finally. I resourced another School and recruited Leaping Xenomorph. I then played Spook on his Star-Lord and then activated Deadpool’s Merc With a Mouth super power. My Leaping Xenomorph is now Lethal so I use him to attack and  KO Yondu. Iceman falls to Deadpool and I gain my first Level.

Turn 3: Kirk plays Singularity and I am so happy Iceman is sitting in the discard. Kirk had no attacks to make and Singularity is only good vs Deadpool once you have established control so Kirk chose to just hide her behind Star-Lord and pass. I had a choice to play Rocket and get a spook back or I could play a 2nd Leaping Xenomorph and hope Kirk doesn’t have two copies of YWLHWSA. I chose to take the double Leaping attack route because the Rocket route does not end with a stun on one of Kirk’s characters and I have to keep leveling up or basically lose. The team attack was successful and I gain my second level and I am looking at Cable and Rocket in my hands along with Squad Tactics, X-Factor, Xavier’s School and Training Ground. I lose my first Leaping Xenomorph but that’s normal and this game felt like it’s going well.

Turn 4: Kirk had but a lowly Yondu to play after resourcing his second Academy. He put a wound on my Leaping Xenomorph and passed. I did not draw any more Xenomorphs so I played Rocket after I resourced a Xavier’s School. I pay for Rocket’s Scavenger super power and bring back a Spook after I have hid both Rocket and the Leaping Xenomorph behind Deadpool. I Spooked Star-Lord and activated the lethal super power one more time to KO Yondu with my attack from Deadpool. This game is looking great now. I am leveled up and I had Cable along with X-Factor, Squad Tactics and the Training Ground to activate Cable’s Ultimate Soldier super power if I have to.

(It’s peanut butter Loki, time! Peanut butter Loki time! Where you at? Where you at?)

Turn 5: Here we go again, Kirk played his resource face down and pays Greatest Guardian to ramp Loki into recruitment. Damn it this card should not be this annoying. He powered her up to draw three more cards with Call and attacked with her into Deadpool who is stunned without a fight. He then took out my Rocket to keep me from being able to bring back Spook or something useful. I resourced my Training Ground and recruited Cable. I didn’t draw anything helpful though and the +1+1 counter on Loki really messed up my big final turn. I had Squad Tactics, Open Fire, X-Factor, Academy and a copy of Yondu. I could not find a way to win even though I had all the resources to activate everyone one. I was able to take down Loki with Cable but couldn’t not get a stun on the recently leveled Star-Lord along with being able to attack him through the fourth wall.

(Cable took out Loki, but Star-Lord was too big to stun for Deadpool and a Leapiing Xenomorph alone)

Turn 6: might as well have been scoopsville for me. Kirk recruited a Ghost Rider after activating his ramping super power. Penance Stare takes out my wounded Leaping Xenomorph. And is able to attack and take out Cable. I did’t draw a character other than two copies of Yondu… Who aren’t much help with what follows:

(Loki makes another appearance and is soon joined by Valkyrie on turn 8 with some Iceman recursion to seal the deal)

I scooped and we learned that Star-Lord has game even if he does nothing till turn 5… That and Loki is a house, but you all knew that, right? See you next time as we see how the number 2 Seed Captain Marvel does against Loki… I mean… Sister Grimm (with Loki).