Salt 16 Contest!

Hey Everyone! It’s been awhile, but we’re back!

Recently a 1k Tournament was teased to possibly happen in Salt Lake City the first weekend of March, so my brother and I started building and testing decks. Unfortunately the stars did not align, and this tournament is not happening and we have 25 decks built using current format and nothing to do with them before the next set is released in March. We didn’t want them to go to waste, so with help from the Facebook group, we’re going to pick 16 decks and seed them into a Salt 16 Bracket.

Or you can send me your picks by email, even if you have to hand write out the whole bracket and take a picture to send me, as long as all your picks are clear and your Tie Breaks are chosen! The due date will be 11pm PST, Sunday February 5th. That gives you the weekend to review the deck lists that I will link below.

Once all the picks are in, Eric and I will start playing the matches during our Lunch Hours at work and I will write an article detailing each match here. (I’m even going to see if I can set up some video to record them, but no promises yet). Most days, we can get 3 games in one lunch hour. For later rounds, some matches may take two days to finish. For each match, we will determine who plays which deck randomly. Before you make your picks, you can review the decks here:

1) Dark Phoenix
2) Captain Marvel
3) Deadpool
4) Luke Cage
5) Magneto
6) Iron Man
7) Sister Ripley
8) Professor X
9) The Dragon
10) Loki
11) Enchantress
12) Dr. Strange
13) Phoenix
14) Star-Lord
15) Sister Grimm
16) Venom

The seeds are loosely based on the Poll Votes we received, with a few adjustments with my thoughts on Power Level and avoiding silly matches first round like Magneto VS. Enchantress, which would be virtually a discard mirror in the first round. Hulk is angry you all made him miss the boat, so we may be testing camera set ups and recording this weekend while you’re making your picks by playing Hulk against all 16 decks to show you he’s the strongest…

How to enter:

Sign in to Gmail and go to this doc: Salt 16 Bracket

Go to “File/Make a copy…” and save a copy to your own Google Drive. Then you can fill out the Bracket with your picks. Be sure to fill out the Tie-Breakers as well:

First Tie-Breaker: What pilot will will win the most matches, Kirk or Eric? – Simply put, Eric and I will be assigned the decks at random each match, so who do you think will win more Matches? Since it’s random, we don’t know who will be the underdog every match and this is mostly a lucky guess!

Second Tie-Breaker: How many games will the Championship Match take: 4, 5, 6 or 7? – The Championship match is Best of 7, guess how many games will be played in that series to crown the championship deck.

Third Tie-Breaker: Which will get more wins, being on the play or the draw? We will be keeping track of which games are won on the play or draw, so you need to guess which will get the most wins, Play or Draw?

If you don’t have a Gmail account, or are technically challenged you can simply email me your picks, even if you have to hand-write out the bracket and tie breaker picks on paper and send me a picture! Share your Google Doc picks with or send your email to:

(I will screenshot the doc, as soon as I open it to lock in the picks, so no changes after submission)

Entries are open until Sunday, February 5th at 11pm PST.

Peace & Love, Peace & Love, Any entries received after that will be tossed, Peace & Love, Peace & Love.

Eric and I will begin Playing the Matches on Monday the 6th, and I will post here on the results as they are played.


1st place will get their choice from the prize pool first, then 2nd, then 3rd place will get what’s left over. The prizes are:

Daily Metagame Playmat! (You choose Right or Left hand)

Dice Counters!



1) 1 Entry per person.
2) This is a Casual undertaking. Eric and I are doing this for our own amusement and are inviting you in on the fun.
3) All misplays, mistakes, bad draws and wrong rulings we make during the matches count! This is for fun. You are welcome to let us know where we messed up a game so we can avoid it in future matches, but we don’t have the luxury of having Chad Daniel standing over each match to make sure we don’t make bad rulings or mistakes that will cost one of the decks a game.
4) We will not back up anything and replay any matches due to play mistakes, this is much more about being lucky and fun than being competitive.
5) This is our first time doing this type of contest, we will make mistakes and will work to be as fair as possible. Enter this to have fun and please give us constructive criticism that we can use for future contests, but please accept this one for how we have set it up this time.
6) HH rule – Anyone who gives me grief about the above rules will be removed from the contest and will not be allowed to enter the next contest. After that, I will probably let you back in if you can play nice 🙂
7) Please have your entries in by Sunday, February 5th by 11pm PST.
8) The contest will end when we completed all the matches, we can average 2-3 games per weekday, so it should take almost the whole month of February.
9) Follow along on your own brackets and keep track, I will post the winners and give a grace period for everyone to check my findings before finalizing the winners.
10) Have fun and keep it light!

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