Salt 16: Captain Marvel VS. Sister Grimm

Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!

By: Eric Buckendorf

This match was one of the more anticipated for this round. It’s been a long week without any new Salt 16 content so here we go! I will be piloting Anthony Calabrese’s Sister Grimm build from Origins and Sal’s Captain Marvel build from the recent Milwaukee 1K will be in Kirk’s hands. There was a bit of debate going on when it came to choosing the final few decks at the bottom of seeding and popularity. Sister Grimm was in a tie with Kirk’s Hulk deck and Venom for a while during voting. When all the dust settled Sister Grimm was the second to last choice over Hulk and Venom. And boy was it a surprise to us once we got into the games.

Game 1


I won the die roll and chose to go first. The Captain Marvel deck is no slouch when it comes to establishing a strong presence early. So I wanted to get a four drop in hand. Not sure if this is the best Idea but I am thinking that since I was on the play and Yondu is a player on the other side. I am not about to play Pixie or Singularity early unless I have to shut off Nullify from Cosmo. I shipped away a hand with Singularity, Thanos, Ghost Rider x2, Corporal Hicks, Academy and Arcadia. I can see where Singularity might be the reason to keep. But I had decided upon getting a four cost character because for this deck that is when it basically starts playing. My next hand looked better to me with Academy, Fortress, M.O.D.O.K., Ghost Rider, Thanos, You Won’t Like Her When She’s Angry (YWLHWSA) and Shock to the System. I did nothing but play resources for the first three turns without any decent attacks. Kirk plays Yondu on turn 1, Moonstone on turn 2 and nothing on turn 3.

I resourced Arcadia and recuited M.O.D.O.K. on my turn 4. There were no attacks to be made yet and I didn’t have flying because Moonstone and her Gravity Stone were keeping my team grounded so I passed.

Kirk’s turn 4 he recruited Star-Lord and set the above formation. He activated Power Absorbtion and gave Capt. Marvel three +1+1 counters. He chose to attack Sister Grimm first with his now 5/7 Capt. Marvel, in an attempt to give a wound, collect one experience and open M.O.D.O.K. up to his next attack. Sister Grimm had different plans though and got Angry with two gained +1+1 counters from my first copy of YWLHWSA. They bounced off each other and Kirk then chose to team attack Sister Grimm for a total of 7 static attack with Yondu, Moonstone and Star-Lord. Now this is when Sister Grimm got really angry with another two +1+1 counters coming from my second copy of YWLHWSA and putting her stats to 6/9 “dude” (air guitar). Sorry just read that Bill and Ted are getting another movie recently so… yeah. Kirk had two copies of Moonstone in hand which were used to power-up his Moonstone twice. He was threatening to stun my Sister Grimm again. I felt like this was the end of Kirk’s rope as far as gas in the hand went and I used my Shock to the System figuring if he had Even the Odds he would have used it. The attack finally failed with him choosing to stun Yondu and end his turn.

On my Turn 5, I resourced a second copy of Arcadia and recruited Pixie and Singularity. My formation is shown above. I activated Pixie’s Hallucinogenic Dust super power because it was time to get the Party into full gear. She-Hulk appeared out of nowhere and joined Pixie and Sister Grimm in the front row. I chose to team attack Capt. Marvel with all of my front row and the attack went through unabated. Things were going so well I decided to risk M.O.D.O.K attacking into Moonstone with a power-up for M.O.D.O.K. This was also successful and the end felt like it was nigh for Captain Marvel.


Kirk’s turn 5 began by resourcing a copy of Arcadia and recruiting Rocket and Call who all stayed in the back row while Capt. Marvel took point in the front. He activated Power Absorption again with gaining four +1+1 counters. Yondu’s Yaka Arrow was then activated and it found a home in Singularity’s chest. I had hid Singularity in the back row behind Sister Grimm. While She-Hulk and M.O.D.O.K. were chilling in Singularity’s Pocket Dimension. Once my formation was reset, Kirk’s first attack was the entire back row into my Sister Grimm. I had no more tricks left so the attack went through and Kirk chose Call for his whipping bot since Star-Lord was in on the attack and he is a Leader. Kirk then got to attack with a huge 6/8 Capt. Marvel into my newly materialized She-Hulk. Success again, Capt. Marvel gained her first Experience but at the cost of Leveling up my Sister Grimm. Kirk then activated Rocket’s Scavenger super power to put Moonstone back into his hand before he passed the turn.

My turn 6 I got to use M.O.D.O.K.’s Mental Calculations to look at the top four cards of my deck and decide which were the best two to put back on top before I drew. While the other two would go to the bottom of the deck. I was hoping to get a Copy of Loki, Magneto or Miss America in that order. I ended up putting a copy of Corporal Hicks and an Arcadia on top while putting a second copy of She-Hulk and an Academy on the bottom. I resourced the Arcadia followed by setting my formation in the picture above. I activate Pixie to find a copy of Loki who would gladly go into the first row. I kind of wished I thought of this when I was doing my Mental Calculations because I had no power-ups in hand to go along with Loki. But to be fair the deck was firing on all cylinders and this kind of missed turn 6 drop was not really going to lose my any momentum. I team attacked Capt. Marvel’s big arse with Loki and She-Hulk, choosing to stun Loki seeing as how she was just a Hallucination any way and would be gone at the end of my turn. Next I chose to take out Rocket with Sister Grimm which was successful. After that I was ready to risk giving M.O.D.O.K. a Caffeine Injection and attack into his Star-Lord. Not much of a risk of getting M.O.D.O.K. stunned but I could lose all five of the +1+1 counters on M.O.D.O.K. along with the resources spent to put them there but Kirk again did not have an Even the Odds so I was able to get the Leader off the board.

Kirk’s turn 6 he resources a Training Ground and Recruits the Punisher. He activates Power Absorption putting three +1+1 counters on Capt. Marvel after making the usual Capt. in front, everyone else in the back row formation. Kirk then discarded a copy of Knowhere and had Yondu put his Yaka Arrow through Pixie ending her day. Punisher then attacked She-Hulk taking her out of the match finally. He then stunned Sister Grimm for the second time with an attack from Capt. Marvel resulting in experience number two followed by Sister Grimm’s wound number two. Call and Yondu didn’t feel like slamming into M.O.D.O.K. who was sitting idly by making his Mental Calculations for our next turn not even noticing that he was exposed to an attack. Caffeine is one helluva a drug and M.O.D.O.K. is feeling it.

My turn 7 I placed Arcadia on top along with another Fortress while sending two copies of Academy to the bottom. I recruited Ghost Rider who gave Capt. Marvel the old Penance Stare reducing her from three +1+1 counters to one -1-1 counter. I like to try and keep M.O.D.O.K. safe in the back row but this game felt very much in the bag with my two copies of Thanos in hand and I had two copies of Fortess to Welcome Death with. So I went through the attacks and figured I needed to put M.O.D.O.K. up front to keep him from allowing an activation of Punisher’s Perfect Position. My first attack was Ghost Rider into Capt. Marvel. This was to avoid even the odds on M.O.D.O.K. while Kirk still had a face up Gaudians. The attack was successful and Capt. Marvel was stunned. Next I used Sister Grimm to take out a wounded Yondu, success. Finally I had M.O.D.O.K. take on Punisher in some melee combat, success again. All there was left was a lowly Synthetic sitting behind wishing she had her MU-TH-ER 6000 around.

Kirk’s turn 7 was kicked off by resourcing and Arcadia followed by recruiting Meggan and Moonstone. The formation had Capt. Marvel up from with Meggan for a team attack, with Call and Moonstone taking up the rear in the back row. Kirk activated Power Absorption with the Arcadia going face down then he discarded a Fortress to activate Meggan’s Empathetic Metamorph super power putting three +1+1 counters matching his Capt. Marvel. Meggan and Capt. Marvel team attacked my caffeinated M.O.D.O.K. and got the KO at the same time Capt. Marvel took her fourth wound. Kirk then passed not having anymore viable attacks.

 My turn 8 I resource another Arcadia and recruit Thanos. Thanos attacked Meggan for a stun. Ghost Rider attacked Moonstone for a KO and Sister Grimm attacked Call for a stun. I had Thanos Welcome Death to add another wound to the stunned Characters which resulted in KOs for Meggan and Call. Captain Marvel was now at 5 wounds.

On Kirk’s 8th turn he resourced an Arcadia and then just revealed his two pair. Yondu and YWLHWSA weren’t going to cut it at this point and it was time to shuffle up for game two.
Game 2
Kirk chose to be on the play and kept his hand. I had an opener with the Pixie Singularity combo along with a YWLHWSA, She-Hulk, Fortess, Thanos and Ghost Rider. This looks great to me so I kept as well.
Kirk opened with a face down resource followed by Comso who would Nullify Sister Grimm. I opened with a Fortress as a resource and nothing to follow up with.

Turn 2 was a Training Ground followed by Moonstone joining Cosmo in the back row. This was a pretty great start for Kirk but he was not gaining any experience yet. My turn 2 was just another Fortress and a pass.

Turn 3 for Kirk is even better than his first two turns except it started by resourcing another face down card. Which meant Captain Marvel would not be absorbing any power. Meggan and Yondu entered the back row but even with such an impressive board state. Kirk was still unable to get aggressive and had to pass.

My turn Three saw a facedown resource and I recruited Singularity. She was only there to remove Sister Grimm and shut down the Nullify super power from Cosmo. I had no good attacks so I just passed after sending Sister Grimm to the Pocket Dimension.

Kirk’s turn 4

Another facedown resource was turning out to be a bit of a bummer but Star-Lord would make things better with his Team Up ability. Yondu played his usual role of taking out Singularity with his Yaka Arrow. Then the entire back row decided to attack Sister Grimm to get the wound count started.

On my turn 4 I was ready to hit back. She-Hulk entered play after I resourced a second face down card. I attacked Captain Marvel with Sister Grimm with some backup from the Baroness of Arcadia to counter a YWLHWSA. That attack got a stun and wound for Captain Marvel and I then sent She-Hulk into Moonstone to make way in the air for M.O.D.O.K. who would probably be my turn 5 play in the case I don’t draw a source of blue for Pixie.

Kirk’s turn 5

Gasp, Kirk played another face down resource and followed it up by recruiting Dagger and Call who would form up in his huge back row. At least Star-Lord was still teaming everyone else up, right? The first attack was Meggan, Star-Lord, Yondu and Cosmo into Sister Grimm. I had the YWLHWSA but the attack was already at seven so I took the stun and wound to go up to two wounds on Sister Grimm. Meggan was stunned and wounded as well. Kirk then chose to attack She-Hulk with Dagger and Call. I had the YWLHWSA to stop the stun as long as Kirk didn’t have the Even the Odds which he didn’t. Rough beats here.

My turn 5

I laid another face down resource and recruited M.O.D.O.K. She-Hulk attacked Captain Marvel providing her with a second wound. I then chose to give M.O.D.O.K. a Caffeine Injection and added four +1+1 counters to him along with a power up to make it five total counters. Sister Grim then attacked Yondu giving him his first wound. Now my final attack may have been a bit risky but the momentum was still going so far into my favor that I felt an attack into Star-Lord would be fine since Kirk had not played Even the Odds during my She-Hulk attack. I got Star-Lord off of the table and passed feeling pretty confident this game was going to end well for Sister Grimm.

Kirk’s sixth turn saw another face down resource followed by Rocket who went to the back row. With Build a Better World the Training Ground was turned face up so Kirk could activate Rocket’s Scavenger super power. Which he did putting Star-Lord back into his hand. Rocket and Cosmo attacked into She-Hulk along with playing Even the Odds to take She-Hulk’s two +1+1 counters away. I had another copy of YWLHWSA in hand so I replaced the counters and the attack was nullified. With no other plays to be made the turn was ended and it was time for some Mental Calculations to be made.

My Turn 6

I found a Fortess in the top four along with a sweet six drop named Loki! My four attacks were as follows: She-Hulk into Captain Marvel, Sister Grimm into Meggan, Loki into Rocket and M.O.D.O.K. into Yonu. All were a successful.

Kirk’s turn 7 looked like this:

Face down resource number 7 followed by Meggan, Star-Lord and Yondu who all entered the back row. Kirk sent everybody from the back row into Loki.


But I had the Power Up to put a +1+1 counter on Loki and drew three cards. I found a copy of Find Cover and tried putting Loki out of stun range. Kirk didn’t have an Even the Odds so the attack was blanked. With nothing left to do Kirk passed.

My turn 7 was enhanced by more Mental Calculations by M.O.D.O.K. I found a copy of Arcadia for Pixie and felt it was time to play the combo.

Ghost Rider appeared and gave three -1-1 counters to Cosmo resulting in a KO. I then attacked Captain Marvel with She-Hulk, Star-Lord with Ghost Rider, Yondu with Sister Grim, Loki into Meggan and M.O.D.O.K. into Call. Yikes this just didn’t feel right Kirk had four wounds now.

On Kirk’s turn 8

He was able to recruit another copy of Star-Lord. Kirk had found a Knowhere for Yondu and he mentioned something about writing on the wall when he chose to send the Yaka Arrow into Singularity. Ghost Rider came back and gave his Penance Stare to Captain Marvel who would gain her fifth wound. Thanos would follow on my eight turn and finish up the game by just activating his Welcome Death super power. This was a fun match up for Sister Grimm and I guess it’s time to see how far she is going to go. Thanks for reading all and now I am off to go play Dark Phoenix and Venom.