Salt 16 Bracket Challenge results!

The dust has settled and the results are in! We had 5 entrants in our bracket challenge (not Counting John and I who filled out Breackets for fun!) and three of them battled it out for prizes, fame and glory! In case you forgot what the prizes are, check out the call for entries here:

Salt 16 Contest!

Also check out the bracket itself, with the entrant’s scores added:

Salt 16 Bracket!

For the fun and bragging rights, I took the most points with a score of 56, while John tied with the top two entrants with 52 points, but edged them out on the first tie breaker, saying Eric would take down the most matches.

So, without further ado, our Bracket Champion is:

Mike Wheaton52 points, 1st Tie Breaker: Kirk, 2nd Tie Breaker: 5 games, 3rd Tie Breaker: Draw

it was Mike’s 2nd Tie Breaker that won him the glory. The Best of 7 Championship match was played in 4 games. 2nd place goes to:

Mark Nealon – 52 points, 1st Tie Breaker: Kirk, 2nd Tie Breaker: 6 games, 3rd Tie Breaker: Play

Mark came out of the gate early with more correct picks in the first few matches, but Mike eventually caught up and was able to just edge Mark out with the 2nd Tie Breaker. 3rd place goes to:

Carlos Valenzuela – 48 points, 1st Tie Breaker: Eric, 2nd Tie Breaker: 6 games, 3rd Tie Breaker: Play

Congrats guys! I will be contacting the winners and setting up delivery of their prizes. If we do another Bracket in the future, I hope to see even more people take part and fill out a bracket!