Noob plays Warma-Hordes 05

By: Kirk W Buckendorf

If you’re just finding this series on my experience learning Warmachine/Hordes by joining a modified Journeyman League you can find the first article here: Part 1. If you just missed the last issue, click here: Part 4.

Last week was a busy one for me, so my week 4 report is a little late, and Week 5 will be after Gencon as well. Speaking of which, I will be there this weekend, so I’ll have to see if I can get a Week 6 game in during the weeknights as I have plans on the last Saturday. I want to get at least one game for each week and one model painted as well.

For week 4’s match I played this list:

  1. Ragnor (+30)
    1. Dire troll (Bomber) (19)
    2. Troll Axer (10) (+1)
  2. (min) Fennblades – (9)
    1. Officer & Drummer (5) (14/15)
  3. (max) Krielstone Bearer & Stonescribes (9)
    1. Stone Scribe Elder (3) (26/30)
  4. Slagg Troll (10)
    1. Slagg (10) (45/45)


I was going to try out two Slag Trolls to see if they helped against all the Warjacks that have been eating me alive. I painted my Fennblade Captain to finish off week 3’s entry:



With painted Captain in hand, I showed up at Empire Games to catch a week 4 League Match. I got to play Nick and his Protectorate of Menoth army, who was expertly painted in an awesome Blue and Violet scheme:




This week, they had us a use a simplified 3 Flag Objective where you could gain one point for controlling an uncontested Flag (no enemy models within 4 inches I think) and two points for dominating it with your Warcaster/Warlock. Again, I just kind of concentrated on playing my guys and trying to remember all the abilites to keep track of.


I started moving my guys up the field to see if I’d finally get a successful charge off with the Fennblades. I was going to try and lob a few kegs at his unit of gun toting dues with the Bomber before charging in with my unlucky band of hook-blade wielding trolls.


He spread the gun-dudes out a bit, and my Bomber wasn’t too effective as they shot up my Fennblades before they could mount any real charge. My Slag Troll on the right did get some work in against his Character Warjack, but it was so hard to kill it eventually wiped the troll out. I was worrying about managing all the Fury from the 4 Warbeasts, so I didn’t press to hard on attacks, but I should’ve with that Slag Troll as he was a dead man next turn anyway. So that’s another lesson learned!


With that Slag Troll down, the remaining one did try to team up with the Axer to try and take out the other Jack he had. It was a last ditch effort as the last of my Fennblades were wiped out out.


They didn’t get the job done and were soon taken out themselves. Also, my Fury Management didn’t work out to well as the Bomber went into a rage. If he didn’t I had a chance to throw some bombs at his Warcaster for a desperation hail mary, but he ended up charging one of his gunners instead.


With my Krielstone Unit also down and Ragnor staring down the Character Warjack, I had to concede as the lone Fennblade Drummer stared helplessly with useless drumstick in his hand. That said, even with my mistakes, it was a really fun game and I think I learned a lot. I also learned from Martin, the Trollblood player I’d met early one that there was a special Character called Horgle Ironstrike that works as a lesser warlock. He can have Slag Trolls and Pyre Trolls attached and manage their Fury on his own, so I used him and a Pyre Troll for week 5, which I’ll talk about next article!

I’ll give you a sneak peek at the model I painted for week 4, so I can catch up a little bit:

I didn’t like the Slag Trolls very skinny upper arms, so I added a little green stuff to give him some Biceps and triceps. He was doing curls for the girls! I also stuck little bits of plastic into his shoulders to recreate the slags of metal poking out that I’d covered:


After that I slapped a little paint on him, going for a little darker blue than the other Trolls in my group and some green coloring coming out of the Slag to represent the Corrosive Acid that makes him so good against Constructs.


I’ll be back after Origins to tell you about week 5’s match!