Noob Plays Warma-Hordes 03

By: Kirk W Buckendorf

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already.

It’s the end of the 2nd week of my Journeyman League and I can finally say… I’ve won my first game! OK, it’s probably more due to an awesome fellow Trollbloods opponent who helped me out every turn with making sure I did optimal plays in an effort to teach me. His roles for most of the game were also terrible and I was rolling like a champ with my Bomber. His name is Martin, and his models are all beautifully painted. Looking at his collection has me wanting to to try Guild Ball next, so maybe a few months down the road when I finish painting all the Trollbloods I want.

IMG_2554With announcing my first win off my chest, I should start with my painted figure for the week: Pictured to the left you see my Dire Troll Bomber along with his magnetized parts that convert him into a Blitzer (with a Pygmy Troll on his back with a big Machine Gun, not pictured) or a Troll Mauler with big teeth and claws meant to rip into enemies.

For his skin, I still was a little unhappy with how dark it came out, the Drankenhof Nightshade wash from Games Workshop is still a little too dark in my opinion, but Martin came to the rescue again and told me what he uses. He said to try the Guilliman Blue Glaze. I hadn’t looked at the glazes on the rack, because I wasn’t sure what the new naming GW had given their types of paints meant. Shades are more like regular washes that I’m used to and Glazes are apparently also washes but finish a little glossier.

The gloss doesn’t matter too much as I’ll coat the models with a Matte clear anyway. I’ve already tried the lighter glaze on Ragnor and the Battle Box figures and I’m much happier with the results. This Dire Troll and Dozer and Smigg I painted a couple weeks ago will just have be a little differently colored from the rest of my army. I like to think they enjoy sunbathing together or something.

I do have a second Dire Troll kit that I want to magnetize after this league so I have access to more combinations of Dire Trolls in the future. To make them different, I’m going to paint the other one as an albino. I think you need to paint models that are the same mold differently to keep your interest in painting them. I don’t want to get burnt out doing the same thing over and over.

With my one painting point locked up for the week, I did get to play two games last Sunday. I think for the rest of the League I’ll probably only have time to play 1 or 2 games and not the full 4, especially with the armies getting bigger. This week I added a minimum Unit of Trollkin Fennblades with a Unit Attachment of an Officer and Drummer. These additions only add up to 14 of the 15 points I have this week, so I’m saving the extra point to use in later weeks. I also decided to stick with the Troll Axer and lock him in to the list from the first week instead of the Bouncer. Martin said he’d be more useful in later weeks, especially against Units where one swing of his Ax would hit multiple models with his 2″ front arc. My first game, as I mentioned, was against Martin, also playing Trollbloods.


Here is a shot after they’ve charged to set up the Bomber to stand on the hill where he’d lob a few kegs from. Martin’s army was also built around Ragnor, but used a Dire Troll Mauler and an Earthborn Troll to go along with his Axer. There was an objective this week that placed 3 flags in the middle of the field. At the end of each of the second player’s turns, any models touching a flag without an enemy model within 5″ conesting him would gain you a point. You could win the match this week by either killing the enemy Warlock/Warcaster or getting 5 points.


I started off with the idea to take the flags early and try to score some points. I forgot to use Ragnor’s Feat, though, to help protect all those spread out Fennblades and Martin’s Light and Heavy Warbeasts made short work of them. I still need to learn basic battle tactics, I always charge out too soon and didn’t get to take advantage of the the Fennblades ability to get some heavy swings in to do some damage before they get killed like the one hit meatwalls they are. Their Tough save is pretty cool, though. When hit, they can roll a D6 and with a 5 or 6 they are just knocked down instead of killed.


The Fennblades did keep the focus off my Bomber and Ragnor, who were firing lots of Ranged shots at Martin’s Warbeasts and doing some serious damage with those amazing rolls I told you I was getting. Martin’s rolls were pretty bad on his side of the board, so I eventually took out his team and won the game. But as I said, it was as much Martin’s victory as mine as he helped with advice that overcame the bad decisions I’d normally make on my own!

Next I played Jason and his Cygnar army. I have no idea what the specialties of each faction are just yet, but I was about to learn that Cygnar has this cool lightening arc kind of theme soon enough. I tried splitting up the Fennblades from the Battle Group to see what would happen. They advanced on the left side of the board taking cover behind a wall, while the Bomber and the Battle Group took the hill to the right that served them so well last game.


You can’t see it in the above picture, but I placed one of the Fennblades peaking just around the right side of the wall in front of the Ruins. This turned out to be a bad mistake as Jason’s Warjack on the left over there had some kind of electric lighting gun. He shot the exposed Fennblade and hit, but the real damage was done as the shot gets to arc a die roll’s number of times to the next closest models (I can’t remember if it was D3 or D6 times). He hit like 3 models with that one shot, and I think 1 of them saved with their Tough roll.


Again, I never got to get a full charge with the Fennblades to figure out how to kill anything with their abilities and Officer buffs yet as they were kind of stuck behind the wall and by the time they got around it, his unit of guys cut through them like paper. Their special attack has some kind of arc theme as well, as when one model finishes with an attack they can make another lightning blitz style attack on the next closest enemy.

So yeah. Watch out for arc lightning style attacks from Cygnar. Got it!


My Ranged damage rolls were OK this game, but not as devastating as last game. Jason quickly made work of my remaining Battle Group and when Ragnor was standing by himself, I conceded the game.

This week was really fun, I feel like it’s a crash course in learning the game and how to play different models and units. It feels almost too quick as a total noob, but I don’t mind it that much as it’s still very much enjoyable to get to see your models in play. Eventually I’ll get it figured out! For week 3 I’m adding the Krielstone Bearer & Stonescribes as planned, but I’m pushing the Stone Scribe Elder that would attach to that unit to next week to make room for a Slag Troll. I want to try it as help against the heavy Warjacks as there are so many Khador in our League. They have a Corrosive Acid theme that lets them roll an extra damage dice against Constructs, so I’m actually thinking about adding a second one in week 4 if this first one plats well for me this weekend.

Here’s my list for Week 3:

  1. Ragnor (+30)
    1. Dire troll (Bomber) (19)
    2. Troll Axer (10) (+1)
  2. (min) Fennblades – (9)
    1. Officer & Drummer (5) (14/15)
  3. (min) Krielstone Bearer & Stonescribes (6)
    1. Slagg Troll (10) (29/30)

Thanks for reading!