Monsters Unleashed Preview: We are the Champions

Hey true believers, we have more Champions previews coming in hot to start the week off right! Our first is a girl who’s a chip off the old Groot block. She doesn’t count all locations, but for 2 Recruit points she can be a decent size with Flight AND Range:

Robert Geller – 2 drops with 1 hp are always a tough play. However, I really like this ability. Tap into the Darkforce is something that gets stronger every turn. There is a lot of synergy in the current state of the game. I personally feel that a lot of locations stay face up only for 1-2 turns maximum. Flight and Ranged also mean that she’s a terrific blocker come mid game. She fits super well into a Groot deck that is already curving. On turn 4 you could drop this with a Mantis and have a 6/6 character setting yourself up for success and keeping your main nice and safe!

Eric Buckendorf – This two drop has a place and I am thinking a deck with Starhawk. With Tim Boo Ba running around now, I feel like two drops are going to get a bump in a deck that wants to cast multiple powerful low drops via Starhawk’s One Who Knows ability. This is a card that is cheap but you won’t want to drop it early if you can help it. Her real value is in the later turns as an inexpensive 8/8 on turn seven along with Groot or Monstro. That’s 16/16 in power and toughness. Darkstar has Flight and Range to boot. This card should be making a splash in the new meta.

John Tatta – In Darkstar we have an effect that I’ve been looking for since the first set (at that cost). It’s another card that gets immediately shut down by Even the Odds but has such a high upside that it might be worth it. Really great in a Groot_L1 or Kingpin_L1 deck, you essentially get a 7-drop for the cost of 2 build points. I think she starts to be “on curve” as a 4-drop and really excels on turn 7+ when you’ve exhausted all of your resources. I’m really looking forward to trying her out.

Up next we get another Great “appears” power card to add to your Iceman, Wasp and Singularity_SC engine:

John Tatta – Dinah, on the other hand, is *exactly* what so many decks are looking for. Venom suddenly comes back into the picture and works extremely well with the newly spoiled Viv Vision. There are more than a handful of MCs that would really appreciate starting off the game +1/+1 larger and the 3/1 with Flight is going to team attack really well. From what we’ve seen so far out of the Champions, she’s a welcome addition. She’s going to see a lot of splash play, mostly in Venom and Singularity decks, and makes Tim Boo Ba look *even more* appealing as if that was even possible.

Eric Buckendorf – This pun-tastic one drop is going to see a lot of play. With Main Characters like the new *Hulk* and *Ms. Marvel* Main Characters being on team and being able to trigger her Support ability multiple times with cards like Singularity and Valkyrie. Dinah Soar is going to be in a lot of decks come August. She doesn’t need a lot of explaining with Falcon being popular. She is also not exactly as good as Falcon either. His 4 defense is huge on turn one and allows him to create a second counter or third with Black Panther on the following turn. But, where he is greedy with his counters, Dinah is not. She will be giving hers out to what ever team member needs it the most regardless of affiliation.

Robert Geller – Wow! This is actually a fantastic 1 drop. 3 attack on 1 is absolutely stellar! Not to mention Flight *and* you get a +1/+1 on ANY character. Not just a support! Just a free +1/+1. This is the field oriented version of Call and I like it. Easy to slide this into any Venom deck to give you a bit of field presence and a point of experience. Even the new Ms. Marvel & *Hulk* will do well with this character! Color me excited for it.

And finally we a little more rich and heavenly with a classic Champions character:


Eric Buckendorf – I see Angel and I am thinking of playing Mantis on turn two followed by Angel on turn three. That would hopefully allow me to play a powerful six drop on turn four like Loki. *Ms. Marvel*’s new MC already likes power ups and Loki loves them. So that seems like a great start to a fun new deck. The stats are not great as a 3/6 at a cost of four resource points. But Mobile does allow him to be active in combat with his decent sized posterior and then get out of harms way. Wealthy has not seen play yet as it is only printed on one other card. Silver Sable has not made a deck I have tested yet. But with this guy having some better combat stats, Flight and Mobile. I think I’ll be trying him out soon.

John Tatta – Angel is the obligatory accelerator of the set and we might have enough now to try to make a deck but it’s still probably not there yet. We have a critical mass of ramp effects now, and Fin Fang Foom is lurking for us to ramp into, but I think I’d still rather just use Pixie. Time will tell if Angel sees play but his 1 health is the real turn off for me,. I actually like his stats with flight attached but 1 health characters in the 3-5 slots really need to be great for me to consider more seriously.

Robert Geller – This guy is just everywhere except with the X-men. I find it funny because he’s most known for that, but he does work with a LOT of teams. As we can see, here he is with the Champions as well! Here we have Warren Worthington the 3rd in a really solid showing with his daddies dollar bills. Wealthy has always been one of those abilities you wanted to incorporate but just couldn’t find the space to do it. At the 4 drop with 3 attack and 6 defense, he’s likely to hold his own. Even if you use him for attacking, he’s easy to hide in the back row after with Mobile. Finding yourself on turn 6 instead of 5 could be a HUGE advantage. Or in a (once again) Groot deck, you might find yourself playing this on 4 (really 3 if you hit a Mantis), putting up a huge defense and then reaping the rewards with a 6 drop on turn 4. Yeah. Angel is pretttttty solid.

Thanks a lot, folks! We’ll see you next week with more from Preview Land!