Monsters Unleashed Preview: Totally Awesome Hulk!

By: Burt Winehouse Richardson Jr.

Hello vs community! My name is Burt and I’ve got a really nice spoiler for you guys today!

Without further delay here he is, the emerald champion!

(Yes, his Brains and Brawn will give you 2 XP!)

Woah! Pretty cool right? Aggro stats, 6 health and draw power! What else could you ask for?

…… wait I hear something……

HULK DRAW!!!!!!!!!!

Oh nooo!!! what could that mean?  It must be his lvl 2!

Wait. What?!?!

Okay let’s debrief.

A 4/3 that becomes a 6/6 with the ability to draw cards equal to +1/+1 counters on him OR add +1/+1 counters equal to the cards in your hand? Move over Dr Strange! There’s a new sheriff in town! Best part is, there are already plenty of cards to help level up!

Eight XP might seem like a lot, but right away Call and the eventual *Hulk* Supporting Character come to mind! So take the fight to your opponent, get huge with green counters and gain XP! Pretty sweet! Also, Kane is a great way to find a yellow or green location turn 2!

You can even go further than that! The A-force team provides access to Build a Better World making the green and yellow locations live again, and the card drawing-powerhouse Loki! Not to mention, we’ve only seen a small portion of his team and Hercules can be the 7 drop that just gets you much further ahead of the opponent!


But you have to watch out!!!!!!!

There are plenty of cards that can hinder your gameplan! Calypso, Jessica Jones, Even the Odds, Black Cat…

These cards spell danger for our green giant!

That’s all I’ve got. I just need to thank Mark, UDE, and the awesome people at Daily Metagame for letting me share this awesome main character with you guys!

*building falls*

Okay! I’m outta here! Gotta find a place to hide!!!