Monsters Unleashed Preview: Tim Boo Ba

Who’s excited for the latest Monsters Unleashed preview? I know I am, let’s get started, with a 1 drop Monster, but oh what a Mighty 1 he is!

Eric Buckendorf – Tim Boo Ba, is a great card. With the recent rise in Hellcat’s popularity I have a new appreciation for the 1 cost 2/2 with two health and a text box. I’m definitely late to this crowd but this guy is going to make things interesting for those decks looking to abuse Starhawk’s One Who Knows ability. If your deck wants to trigger a bunch of Appears powers produced by one cost Supporting Characters then this guy is your decks Silver Bullet. I like him.

John Tatta – This card is easily my favorite and probably the best preview card that we’ve seen so far. He’s everything that you want as a 1-drop and then some. His stats are good, he has -two- health, and has an ability that punches your opponent in the face and ruins their day in a ton of match-ups. Starhawk’s rise in popularity, and rightfully so, also makes this guy way better as he’s a cheap body that you can play right off the top essentially drawing a card for 1 resource point. I could go on for a while about Timmy but I expect to see him in a lot of decks, not just Monsters.

Robert Geller – I’m in love with this guy. Besides his awesome name, he prevents a lot of abuse across the board. He is another easy counter to the Valkyrie + Agent Peggy Carter + Black Widow infinite combo. He even costs less than Jessica Jones which is super nice. He is another GREAT 1 drop. Anything with a blanket statement board clear is pretty sick in my opinion. Easy to splash into most decks too! I think at the end of the day he aids the board clear meta that is starting to surface as well.

Ashley Knox – Hey Falcon, we hardly knew ya. Yondu? Yond-who ! Maybe it’s time for Tippy-Toe to Monkey-Go. Good night Charlie-27! You name it, it gets booped by Timmy. I like the counter play you’ll get in the Boo Ba mirror and how this will savagely interact with deck building. I’d like to say maybe this effect would mean old Cosmo could be a let back onto the family couch but then pairing of Boo-Ba & Cosmo would be the beginnings of a great prison lock. A powerful hate piece that will proactively protect you from the Singularity decks that like to overload with flickering one drops for value – the body is mostly irrelevant but that will perhaps keep it in your mind that this is a continuous plot twist and should be played like that.

Kirk Buckendorf – He is small, but he is mighty in the Microverse. He KOs… KOs! not Stuns! all other 1 drops when he hits the board and then keeps any more from being recruited. Singularity was mentioned, but he will have a hard time getting any 1 drops off the board that are already in the Pocket Dimension, but that’s probably fine, he’s plenty good enough as is. With that I’ll leave you with a hint for later today: Who’s got a pencil, a sketchbook and a wild imagination? Stay tuned to find out!