Monsters Unleashed Preview: Monster Mash!

Don’t let those Monday blues get you down! We’ve got some juicy space monsters to brighten up your day!

Eric Buckendorf – This Hydra is a big four drop with a pretty strong ability to boot. Much like Nova, Leviathon Hydra is able to clean up a board of low drops. But the Hydra does it with one more attack and defense. It looks like we are going to see some Space locations at Gen Con.

Sal D’Agostino – Not sure how often I’ll use the ability to attack two dudes, but I am sure that if I do use it something exciting is happening. Even without attacking two guys in one swing, the 6/6 body seems very reasonable. Lastly, I do notice the wording is such that one activation lasts the turn, so perhaps that may be relevant in the future (but probably not, you’re definitely getting stunned back when you double attack).

John Tatta – After seeing the official Upper Deck blog on Friday I immediately fell in love with this team. The sky is the limit in design space for a team that only has 1-ofs. Being able to make them a bit under-costed and overs-statted for what they do is amazing. That being said, while I do like this card, it’s his/her brother/sister that really has me excited of the potential for the team. Hydra will see play, mostly because he has to, but I think the uses for it are pretty limited with only having 1 wound. I can definitely see randomly blowing people out though.

Eric – Oh wow! This Comet Fall ability looks great and Savage Leviathon’s other ability (Staggering Impact) is worth a spot in my four drops as well. He has nice enough stats that I can ignore the single health. He is going to trade with something and often ruin my opponent’s board position often. This guy is great and I can see him playing well with Fin Fang Foom Main Character deck. I can’t wait to see the rest of these Leviathons come out and I can’t wait to fire up this Fin Fang Foom deck as well.

Sal – This looks great, I’m definitely playing four of them…..

My illegal deck lists aside, this guy does have a lot of really good things going for him. I’d consider it ‘Not garbage’ on my arbitrary rating scale.

John – This guy. At this point we already know that Comet Fall is a reoccurring ability and man is it a good one. Add on top of that an effect that typically costs a resource and you have the making of a very, very powerful card. 4 defense keeps him a little grounded and “fair” but that ability is amazing. I want to try these guys, at least the Comet Fall ones, in other decks as well. Eric mentioned Fin Fang Foom MC, which sounds awesome, but I’m sure they have a home elsewhere too. Singularity plays extremely well with them and Professor X can help you dig for the right ones. Really just can’t wait to start brewing and see the rest of the team.

Eric – Scrap that Fin Fang Foom deck idea, I think it’s time to play the all Leviathons deck. This is a great plot twist! Chestburst is amazing and this card is better, with no Melee restriction and even more counters! Now I have to play a bunch of games with Leviathon Mother Main Character. Happy testing all!

Sal – like most loyalty cards, this effect is pretty darn good. It’s obvious that the leviathan mother demands loyalty, and with effects like this I may just give her that loyalty. In fact, I’m heading down to my local leviathan enlistment office right now and joining up!

John – if this is what we can expect out of the power level of the Leviathon plot twists, sign me up and consider my loyalty pledged to the Mother. The Mother deck is looking to be a bit defensive by nature so this plot twist is very welcome. Something to keep in mind is that it’s extremely easy to “turn on” these loyalty plots because the Mother’s level 1 ability allows you to search for a 1-drop for a single location.

This team is really shaping up!