Monsters Unleashed Preview: Kid Kaiju

What, you thought we just had one preview for today? We’ve seen Kid Kaiju in Main Character form, but now I present a dilemma. Do you want to play the Main Character, or is his Supporting Character too tempting?

Kirk Buckendorf – So we didn’t have too much time to think about Kid Kaiju this weekend as we had a question about how he works. We now know that he will work when he is first played, so for example if you recruit him and draw cards using Dr. Strange he will count those cards as the first for the turn as he was intended to work this way. Some Rules Kung Fu may have to be done in the official rules update when Monsters Unleashed becomes official, but we’re assured that all is right in a just world where you don’t have to wait a whole turn for Kid to see the first two cards you draw in a turn.

For a few follow up questions we had: What if I have Kid Kaiju in play, draw 2 cards for my turn and put the first Monster drawn into play. Then I recruit a second Kid Kaiju, replacing the first one and draw more cards with Dr. Strange, do I get the first Monster the second Kid has seen? The answer is no.

As an upside to counter that, if you do use Emma Frost to make yourself discard your hand of 5 cards and draw 5 cards, if one of those 5 is the First Monster you’ve drawn this turn it WILL work (providing that no other Monsters were drawn this turn). You will reveal EACH of those cards as you draw them and this goes for any time you draw multiple cards.

There is a risk in having the full 4 Kid Kaiju in your deck. If the first Monster Character you draw is another Kid Kaiju, he will be the first one you draw and if you choose to put him into play, he will just KO the first one,replacing it. Any other Monsters you draw that turn will not be the first.

John Tatta – I think that the Kid can be really good in the right deck – an effect like this can’t really be overlooked. His stats are below average but that’s to be expected with his ability. He’s really going to shine in decks that can draw cards the turn that he enters play – looking at you Dr. Strange – but will also be good with all forms of Loki, especially the female one. Has the potential to blow a game open or do absolutely nothing but die. I think that it’s a well designed cards. That Fin Fang Foom dream is real though.

Ashley Knox – Swingy. Exciting. Flavorful. Kid Kaiju is excellent, I like the way it reads, “when you draw…” it’s so flavorful and will evoke some real thematic games. I’m terrified of someone playing this and slamming a Fin Fang Foom into play either with a draw effect or protecting him for a turn and drawing one naturally. However Kid’s currently got it rough having to contend with Jessica Jones and Starhawk which both boop him for free. Though if he can hide behind some flying monsters with giant butts or tough keywords then the value is for the taking. It reminds me of Pixie, the most powerful thing she did wasn’t just that she put something stupid into play but she was giving you a 5-8 recruit point discount and that effect can be very hard for an opponent to overcome if you’re able to trigger it multiple times a game.

Robert Geller – I’m not going to rewrite everything Ashley said. This card is absolutely awesome. He does need to be protected though. A 2/4 1 health on 4 is a little tough to keep up. However, if you are both fighting for board control, he can be absolutely terrifying. The balancing factor is that you do have to wait a turn for his ability to really kick in. That can still lead to some scary set ups though.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you’re enjoying all the previews as much as we are!