Monsters Unleashed Preview: Inhuman Treatment

Good Morning, everyone! (well, it’s morning on the West Coast still). We’re back with your Monday Fix of Monsters Unleashed Spoilers, so let’s get right to it!

Kirk – We saw the first “NuHuman” with Inferno last week, and this week we get another Terrigenisis Character in Panacea. If you have a spicy Supporting Character you want to keep alive like Fin Fang Foom, Panacea can heal the wound from his first attack to make sure he’s around to Attack a a row a third time (If you’re into that kind of board clearing thing!).

John – I think that I really like the Terrigenesis keyword but I’m not sure where it fits in the game yet I think that Enchantress is the obvious home but Professor X isn’t bad either since not attacking right away is preferred to level up. Another interesting interaction is with Singularity just continuously growing them. I think that there’s a lot of things you can do with this keyword so that alone makes it well designed. Panacea’s Minor Heal is not irrelevant, especially when we add Singularity to the mix. Keeping a Jessica Jones or Miss America around for another turn (or more) is really welcome.

Unfortunately for her Lethal is becoming more prevalent which makes Minor Heal a lot less appealing

RobertTerrigenesis is really interesting. Showing up exhausted but stronger is a weird concept. Especially since most players are trying to gain an advantage on every turn by removing enemy characters. Minor heal is strong. Though in the age of Lethal I think it’s a little lack luster. In the right situations she could be amazing. Any deck that has many multi-health characters could benefit from Panacea. 

Now for everyone’s favorite Slobber Monster!

John – Okay. OKAY. I see you, Lockjaw. Unassuming at first glance, I truly believe Lockjaw is one of the best, if not THE best card that we’ve seen from this set so far. Many people will be trying to figure out how to put three 1-drops into play, or a two and a one, but I’m frothing at the thought of getting a free 3-drop. Playing Lockjaw, dropping a Singularity into play, and then putting Lockjaw in to the Pocket Dimension is just so many free recruit points. Need something to refill your hand? Lockjaw in a Leader and draw up. Lockjaw in Doorman to act as another Singularity effect. Need to get in a key 1-drop through Tim Boo Ba? Lockjaw is your man!

This card is going to be so game breaking. I think it turns Spider-Man into a real contender again as well as allows a lot of decks with a slow opening “catch up” to an opponent. I’m *really* high on Starhawk but I think that Lockjaw is the best 4-drop in the game now. It might be different if 6 defense wasn’t so good on a 4-drop but here we are. So many ideas floating around in my head!

Robert – Lockjaw is absolutely stellar. Is he the strongest 4 drop in the game? No. Can he hold a gun? No. Does he give a free 2nd play on your turn? Yes. There are a few decks that I can easily see this pupperoni going into immediately. Any deck with Starlord as your Main Character. If you’ve hit your curve well and on turn 2 you’ve played 2 characters, then on turn 3 you could pay for Greatest Guardian to bring Lockjaw out a turn early, and really swarm the board.

Clocking in at 4/6 is not awful for a 4 drop (Spider-Gwen, Spiderman, and *Spiderman*) all have stat lines of 4/7 so it isn’t terribly far off. This is great for stall decks too because you end up with this huge defense on turn 4 and flood your field. This is a great rush deck card. 7/10 would definitely deck.

Kirk – This is a card to end an article on. Lockjaw has me brewing all kinds of deck ideas. Tim Boo Ba has had me blue for a couple weeks, thinking the era of 1 drop doom decks was dead, but along cam Lockjaw to save the day!. I dream of of pulling off John’s Combo of Lockjaw with Singularity, Doorman or Leader on turn 4 (or even 3 with a bit of a ramp).

I hope everyone is enjoying the massive amounts of previews Upper Deck and Mark has been giving the community! It’s certainly a lot to keep up with, and I can’t wait for Gencon to get here to put all these new cards to the test!