Monsters Unleashed Preview! Fin Fang Foooooom!

By: Robert Smallwood

It’s that time again ladies and gentleman! PREVIEW SEASON! It’s easily the most active and fun time for the game community and I love it.

Today we got the big bad dragon himself and I won’t be that guy who buries the preview at the bottom of the article like a straight savage. For all you article non-readers here it is:

I’ll be the first to admit while I am familiar with the Monsters Unleashed story arc, I have almost zero knowledge of Fin Fang Foom. So I refer the lore and flavor man on our team, Matt Wishart, who is ironically a huge Fin Fang Foom fan! (Did not know they even existed!)

Fin Fang Foom has a long and storied history in Marvel Comics. He has appeared in over 250 comics during his long run dating back to his first appearance in Strange Tales #89 from October 1961! During this appearance Foom was shown to be an ancient Chinese dragon and tricked into defeating the Chinese Communists in the area. Fin Fang Foom has had many changes to his back story over the years. Most notably it was revealed that he was not a “true” dragon, but instead a member of an ancient alien race that the ancient Chinese referred to as dragons. So Marvel took something cool, a dragon, and made it amazing by making him be an alien dragon instead.

Two main themes always come from reading Foom’s stories. First, Foom almost never fights one on one. He is normally fighting against multiple heroes or entire armies by himself. To show him fighting multiple opponents at a single time Foom has a tremendous level 1 power that allows him to weaken the entire opposing front row. He also heals which is highlighted by his Hibernate ability!”

Alright after our history lesson now to jump into the card! We can start with his health which is a respectable 6 and is almost mandatory as the game progresses to more potent decks like Thor. He has Flight and solid stats at 3 ATK / 4 DEF. He has a nice level 1 ability but his XP gain is super high and might prove challenging. That being said it’s hard to judge how hard it is to level without seeing the whole set. Monsters could have more negative counter help in the set for him.

The coolest part however is easily his level 2. Hibernate is a cool new mechanic that I immediately was attempting to abuse but it is indeed hard. At worst you get a heal for 2 locations. Could Hibernate and hide behind Jessica Jones or Miss America aiming to get 2 heals on the next turn. 

For competitive play characters that can heal have proven relevant. Foom may prove to be viable under the same pretenses if his XP gain isn’t an issue. With his level 1 and ability to play almost any SC with a negative counter effect it may actually not be that hard to level at all.

All in all the character looks really entertaining to play and his support may make him very viable. I love the flavor and he looks entertaining.

Hope to see you guys at Gen Con!

-Robert Smallwood