Marvel Legacy Preview: You are Groot!

If it’s one thing I love, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy, whether it’s the movies, comic books or their team in the VS 2PCG! Some early reviews of the movie are already in, and expectations are being set high as they are saying it’s as good if not better than the first. When VS 2PCG premiered, Guardians also debuted with a bang as one of the strongest single teams. Star-Lord, Cosmo, Yondu, Drax and Even the Odds were all recognized as top cards in the game. Because of this we’ve all been anxiously awaiting the follow up with as much anticipation as we have the movie.

Well wait no more, because we’re proud to present the latest “Sprint-Twist” for Guardians of the Galaxy:

If you haven’t seen the new Sprint-Twists yet, check out the rules for deck building and how to play them here. (Lovingly called “Sprint-Twists” because they make you drop Calls!)

Talk about some Giant Growth! Guardians already have one of the best combat plot twists in the game with Even the Odds knocking enemy characters down to size, now they add another to their arsenal that packs more punch as the game goes one. If you like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, you’re going to love You Are Groot. I’ve asked the U.K.’s very own Ashley Knox what he thinks of the card:

Ashley – After being excited that Thor will allow us to get to play with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes again I’m obviously stoked about this one.
From the time you can play with three characters in play it is at least as good as EMH and as the game goes long it only gets better.

To really see what this can do we need look at the fan favourite Main Characters the Guardian team has in Gamora and Groot.

This team twist allows Gamora to plow through any opposing defensive plot twists when she’s wielding her God-Slayer blade. This would add a level of consistency to her ability as no number of Super Senses or Shock the System can spare your opponent from their fate.

Groot was a fan favorite before and though he may have never seen much in terms of competitive play he was a force to be reckoned with if you could get to the end game and now you can feel much safer about using his level two ability to heal as you can still protect yourself with this plot twist which is also super thematic.

Ultimately the amount of play this is going to see at the big tournaments is going to depend on how good Drax MC and the new Guardians SCs are going to be. Though for our local game stores I’m certainly going to be trying this out as then you’ll have not only Even the Odds but We Are Groot which equalize the playing field and can create some potent swings as we slug it out for our new OP kit prizes.

Back to basics though – this is a versatile team twist which you are given access to be sacrificing some versatility in your deck building which is a testament to the oddball nature of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I think this could be enough to get Adam Warlock back on our tables and anything that can do that is great in my books.

Kirk – Thanks for reading everyone!