Marvel Legacy Preview: This is how we Doop it!

It’s a very special day, at Xavier’s School

By: Ian Vincent

Today we celebrate the gifts that make the X-Men special. They can stun outside of combat, have a two drop who chooses which team attacker gets struck, a plot twist that lets someone heroically sacrifice themselves  to save a defender and one that lets an attacker Go again. All the ingredients that made me fall in love with Vs the first time around. But it’s not enough any more. I want more power. I want a finisher. I want the… the… the Ultimate Weapon!

Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks that way and I’m delighted to be able to tell you that’s exactly what X-Men are getting. One of the most popular characters in VS history is making a comeback. A character so popular that fans will happily use a cipher to figure out what he’s saying in the comics. Who gets the highest base attack of any character to date. Which makes sense, as this cameraman has enough power to destroy the planet, whilst holding an ice-cream.

Yes, you’ve guessed it (who am I kidding, everyone checks the card image before reading). Doop is back!

Now I realize a few of you might be a little disappointed with the one defense. Don’t fret, we’ve got a tonne of ways around that. Firstly, Doop is Durable, a keyword which recently received errata:

     If Doop would get stunned other than by getting struck in combat, he doesn’t get wounded.

     When Doop gets stunned other than by getting struck in combat, you may recover him.

So instead of that one defense being a liability, Durable makes Doop immune to -1/-1 counters. A bit like Dagger, only he’s much, much bigger!

The super observant among you may have noticed Doop’s Durable text is slightly different to the text printed on Titania. This is because the Durable keyword is being updated to force infinite loops involving Nightmare to end. If a series of actions would cause an optional loop, the player states how many iterations of the loop will occur, then must make a choice that does not continue the loop. Nightmare’s ability to keep the -1/-1 counters on a stunned Doop or Titania is not optional but Durable now is. So after the number of stuns and recoveries of your choice, you must choose not to recover.

Fortunately, you’ve also got the Ultimate Weapon, which combines perfectly with with Uncanny Defense. If Doop is being attacked and about to take his second wound. Up pops our noble hero, Deadpool, to take his place and you heal a wound from Doop. So even if your opponent finds another brave sole to take on Doop, he should survive until the next turn. At which point you want to make sure he survives the attack.

Having an X-Men survive an attack is easy if you’re playing Cyclops new Main Character and you have a sacrificial lamb to team attack with. I suggest Namor. Especially when you’re attacking a back row character. Cyclops chooses Namor to take the strike but Namor can’t, which trumps can. So all three survive the attack. How convenient!

What? Doop still isn’t done with his trickery? You want to run four copies to make sure you draw him but powering up a 14/1 isn’t much use. So how else are we going to use those extra copies of Doop? You could tear that useless card into chunks and leave it on the table at the end of the game, but that gets expensive after a while. So how about we leave the card in one piece and throw it at someone? Not literally throw, but Gambit‘s Kinetic Card Throw! Having the joint highest cost of any support character in the game means this will even stun the mighty Thanos.

Fancy a quick deck so you can try out all this trickery? I’m not one to disappoint.


Support Characters (40)
4 Iceman
4 Namor
4 Hope Summers
4 Gambit
4 Deadpool
4 Beast
4 Wolverine
4 Emma Frost
4 Ghost Rider
4 Doop

Plot Twists (8)
4 X-Factor
4 Uncanny Defense

Locations (12)
4 School For Gifted Youngsters
4 Laboratory
4 Fortress

If you’ve not played X-Men before, you’re in for a real treat with this list. There is trickery all over the place. Have you ever seen a mutant capable of Freeze, Invade, Kinetic Card Throw, Can’t Keep a Bad Man Down, Ferocious, Genius, Beserker, Mind Games and Durable? All at the same time? If not, you should definitely check out Hope Summers.

(Editor’s Note: Ian wrote this article before Shadowcat was previewed, but I’m sure Hope would love to use Intangible Escape too!)

Doop is so much fun that I couldn’t resist sharing with a few close friends. Here’s what they had to say:

“Wow, that’s absolutely incredible.”

“Dooop!!!!” bounces off the ceiling, “Doooop!!!”, bounce, “It’s Doop!”

“What time is it?”

“He’s no deadly archer. And your deck needs more bears.”

“I literally don’t believe it.”

It’s getting late, so I’m going to leave this there. I’ve still got a cipher to find, so I can figure out what Doop’s flavour text says. Have a great day!