Marvel Legacy Preview! It’s Elektra-fying!

Hello true believers! We’re back with another installment of “What’s new in the VS. 2PCG?” and we’re going SO NEW that it’s a whole new character to the game, Elektra!

If you said, “OMG!” You’d be right, and get one of Stan Lee’s coveted “No Prizes” he used to give out in his mail sections.

Before we begin, I’ll clear up a major rules question that may have popped up while reading Hand Experience, the incredible groan inducing pun from the great minds at Super Awesome Games (Love you, Ben & Danny!)

While Hand Experience seems like the most powerful evasion ability so far in the VS 2PCG, there is a risk! I scoured the rulebook to see if there was anything that would tell me what happens if you are forced to discard Elektra from Ronan for example. All I found was this on page 7 under, “Ending the game,” and it did not refer to what happens if your Main Character if it’s in your KO pile.

With that I went back to the powers that be, and sure enough the Rules Insert included with the game accounts for this, and the following line will be updated:

Additionally, if at the beginning of your turn an opponent controls your Main Character, or you Main Character is in your KO pile or Deck, you lose.

I also wanted to know how she interacted with Helmut Zemo, so I asked whether or not you have a team associated with your Main Character if Elektra is in your hand?

Survey says!

While Elektra is in your hand, you do not control a Main Character. Therefor, she is a valid target.

With the technicalities out of the way, here are the gang’s thoughts:

Ashley – I really like the Femmes as a team they have some of the most interesting plot twists and I think you’d want to play her alongside Cat Fight and Femme Fatality just be able to have a tempo plan where you get to play the only real removal spell in the game.

Although the opponent can play around her leveling up I think it’s balanced by the fact that if your opponent just slams everything in the front row to stop you getting your two experience that isn’t exactly a winning proposition when you’re playing a load of massive girls like Santana and Spiral you just get free reign to pick off anything you like.

Interestingly perhaps she came at the wrong time as the best targets for her to be stealthing up on previously would have been Cosmo and I guess Danny and Ben just hate me and want more ways of killing my Dark Phoenix when she’s in the “please don’t die” phase 😛

Sadly with the new Thanos being around I see a place for a heavy villains mid-range-control deck which makes it really hard for you to ever realistically use her second ability when you’re getting accused by Ronan – though the stories that would be made by ever randomly discarding your MC to Thanos would be awesome !

Elektra does however “unlock”  Nebula as now she’s both on team and headed by an evil character to just have a really beefy threat.

She’s aggressive, on a great team and can be a good counter to Professor X style decks and will be quite fun to play with.

This may also be the final dagger in DareDevils back which amuses me to no end ! (Sorry Ben Ruegg!)

John – I really like Elektra as a Femmes main character and think that she can certainly have an impact on the game as an aggressive main character. No character is safe from her Ninja Training ability and she’s already on team for the power attack boosting plot twist, Cat Fight. With solid stats and an “easy” level up ability I see her as the go to Femmes aggro deck and I know there’s stiff competition for that role. I know that I’ve been tough on 5 health characters in the past but this time it’s a little different so let’s talk about that.

Hand Experience is an ability unlike anything we’ve seen in VS 2PCG so far. With a yellow resource, and ways to reuse it, your opponent can quite literally be locked out of the game. However, like mentioned earlier, Helmut and Ronan can spell game over in a hurry. Still, these two cards don’t see widespread play, yet, and I fully expect Elektra to be a thorn in players side for a long time to come. There’s a lot to be said for a main character that can be protected in a way where there is no possible way your opponent can wound her.

On top of all this she has Dodge which makes your opponent position their characters in rows that they might not want to. If there’s anything negative that I can say about her, other than 5 health, is that a savvy opponent can play around her level up ability by leaving their support row empty in the early goings of a game. If they can do this long enough to get some wounds on her it might be possible to KO Elektra before she can lock you out. Of course Parker, and other “push” mechanics put a damper on that plan. I really like this card and think that it’s really well designed.

Eric – Elecktra’s Main Character looks amazing to me and since Femme Fatale is darn near my favorite team to play and build with. I am excited to get a chance to think about this card as a preview writer.

Elektra has 3 attack and 4 defense at level one and that has worked out very well for Thanos and Ripley previously. That’s a plus in my book. At level two she has 6 attack and 7 defense. That is also a plus because it’s up there with the Dragon and Mystique. Dodge makes her really awkward to attack for opponents who are playing Captain Marvel_L1 and decks that lean on ranged characters like Punsher_SC and Star-Lord_SC. Finally to cap off the good points, her ability to gain Stealth is great good luck hiding from Elektra and this will also facilitate the gaining of experience well. Double points!

Now we look at what is balancing her. There are some smart players out there that are going to do their best to keep her from leveling by alternately having their characters in the front row. That is something you are going to have to manage in deck building. Then there is the five health, which does bring her back down to earth quite a bit. Next we have her level two power in Hand Experience. This ability could be amazing in some scenarios but the fact that you just lose to any discard effect that can catch her in your hand really nerfs how powerful this second ability can be. These drawback aren’t going to keep me from testing her out to the fullest though.The upside here just seems too juicy for me to not explore with a fervor.

In deck construction, right away I am thinking of Parker_SC and Major Victory_SC. These “Push” effects now have a much greater significance in this deck. And I really like the teams each supporting character belongs to. I will lean toward Parker here because I love taking away counters as an added bonus and Elektra will not be competing for intellect if I want it later. Turn three is a bit late to wait till you can start leveling. But remember she only needs to gain two experience. I think we can just use Call and maybe even a new Elektra supporting character to power up and start laying the beat down on turn one. And if you are playing against a deck that wants to hide characters like Moonstone, Dagger and/or Rocket, then you won’t mind if your opponents leave them exposed just to keep you from leveling. At this point I am thinking beat down is the way to go. If five wounds is still putting you off, then lets just take a look at CMO Clemens_SC. I don’t think I am going to use Hand Experience much so just using Madripoor as your source of intellect sounds good to me. Now we have room to add Earth for “Do You Trust Me With a Needle?”. We won’t need more than two or three copies of CMO Clemens so he won’t take up much space. Then we will only need to use his ability once maybe two times to keep up with the decks with a higher health main character. Also It’s not like this deck can’t race, opposing main characters are not safe any where outside the Pocket Dimension. That first super power is going to be fun, fun and more fun. I have wanted to play Gamora_L2 and Winter Soldier_L2 for their level two abilities but just haven’t been able to get them going. This card has a similar ability but at level one! I can see Elektra_L1 wielding an M41A Pulse Rifle or piloting a Power Loader as well. Just drop Vriess_SC on turn one or two depending on the equipment you have in hand. Then imagine an 8/9 Elektra with Dodge… just let it soak in. I am that’s one hard stun on turn three if you ask me. We have Shock to the System for Iron Fist. We have Dramatic Entrance to play the Think Again role versus large team attacks. I am really like Ripley with Power Loader but this card just takes it over the top and you get some more plot twists to add to the deck with the Femme Fatale MC. This write up is getting a little lengthy, so I will digress. But not before saying I will probably be writing more about this deck soon.

In conclusion, I hope no one over looks this character as something to build around. I really feel like she is starting off with a level two super power in Stealth. Having Dodge as a static ability is just wrong vs some decks. She only needs two experience to level up and the fact that some opponents may choose to just put there sweet low drops out front just makes me like her that much more. Lastly Hand Experience is just going to be amazing against some decks that don’t have access to discard effects. I am calling it now, build with her and the wins will come.

Kirk – The first thing I’m looking at with these new Main Characters is their Keyword power. Elektra gets Dodge! This on a Main Character is pretty big. This eliminates half of your opponent’s attack strategy and forces them to make formations they may not want to. She also introduces a new keyword in Stealth. While her Stealth is connected to a Super Power activation, I think it’s safe to say that Stealth will be a Keyword in the traditional sense on some Supporting Characters (most likely her Supporting character?). I say this because Mystique_L2 and The Newborn_L2 have Keyword powers granted by the level two Super Powers in a similar fashion.

So far, our newest Ninja does not disappoint in the evasion department. She can’t be Ranged attacked and you can’t hide in the back row from her. That said, her Level Up power is dependent on being able to attack that back row. This puts her ability to level up in your opponent’s hands, but it also contributes to forcing them off of their Formation game plan.

When you do get to Level 2, she goes Super Evasion on you, leaving the playing field for the safety of your hand… Unless your opponent is playing Discard effects. But if they aren’t, she’s even safer than if Singularity was hiding her. It’s going to be an interesting Metagame decision, the most prevelant Discard deck is Magneto with Helmut Zemo and Ronan, and it’s good in a Meta without Luke Cage. So will he hate out Elektra, or will she be good enough in matches where she can use her second power, to justify just never using it in matches with Magneto or some other Discard deck? I’m excited to find out!