Marvel Legacy Preview: Hey Tiger!

I just cat wait to drop this week’s preview on your doorstep like a freshly killed gift from the neighbor’s yard. Because I know what you want, and you want it right MEOW!

I don’t know about you guys, but my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe are ones with claws. I especially love the flavor they get in the VS. 2PCG with Ferocious at the top of the list. This little lady doesn’t have Berserker, because maybe she just wasn’t feline it, but she got some other quite cat-like abilities in Leap & Lethal. The more likely reason is that, Berserker would too easily allow her to utilize the 3 Amulets that give her power. Cats don’t make working with them easy, you’ve got to work for it if you want the relationship to payoff. Those amulets come in the form of +1/+1 counters. With each one you add, up to 3, White Tiger will get more than the total sum of her ATK/DEF:

She appears in play as a 3/3 2 Health two drop which is about par for the course as 3 drops go, with 2 Health being a huge plus. Drop a Call on her or play her in your Singularity MC deck and she becomes a 4/4 with Leap. If she’s in that Sing deck, you’re not going to want to make her Angry because she’ll transform into a 6/6 with Leap, Ferocious & Lethal!

Leap = White Tiger has flight during your turn.
Ferocious = While in melee combat, White Tiger strikes before characters without Ferocious.
Lethal = When White Tiger stuns a defending supporting character, KO it.

Let’s see what the rest of our DMG Pride has to say about White Tiger:

Eric – It’s Caturday and I get to write about one cool cat for VS Legacy spoilers! White Tiger is a 3/3 for two resource points: excellent. Two health, great! As for the bonus in the text box, this card has a ton of potential. Kirk already brought up what this cat can do in A Force. Let’s look at another idea for a build she could fit in.

I want to install her into something for the Good Guys VS Bad Guys event at Origins. I’ll go with an old favorite, Sister Ripley. We have Call and Your A** is Already on the Line and those are going to be beneficial here. With the company lacking good plot twists but gaining the only equipment in the game. I want my second team to have a great defensive plot twist or two. Defenders has just that in Super Senses. We also get Corporal Hicks later in the game. He can Stay Frosty and add a couple counters to White Tiger in the late game. Then you can use Valkyrie’s Chooser of the Slain ability to recruit guys from your discard pile. Ghost Rider is going to enjoy any copies of her that have found their way to the discard pile as well.

This is a sneaky good card for Defenders and any other decks that need some real pop at the two drop spot. With the new formats being presented at Origins, I can’t wait to see how people use all these amazing new cards. What are you going to be playing?

Nick – I’ll continue on the theme of picking an awesome MC for this cat to go with. Enchantress! Don’t worry about having power ups or a plot twist. Just kick things off with a 5/5 ferocious leaper for a single blue resource. It doesn’t get much more aggressive than that.

The Defenders plot twist Spellbound has always been a pet card of mine. Unfortunately, the Defenders never really had an aggressive multi health curve to make good use of it. Now they do with White Tiger, followed up with Jessica Jones (and hopefully a new multi health 4 drop, please) can allow you lay down the beats and push through those final wounds with Spellbound.

Ashley – White Tiger, in an age of Call and the rapid resurgence of Enchantress_MC, Singularity_MC and Loyal Soldiers this card can do no wrong. I’m a big fan of a 3/3 for 2 in this game (mostly Ronan) and this one not only rewards you for trying to make her bigger but is in a team that really wants you to be using power ups as its top end consists of Valkyrie and Ghost Rider – not to mention that Defenders typically pairs very well with A Force which has the easy inclusion of AF Loki to be able to keep those counters going if you draw her in the late game.

Sadly you won’t really be able to play her in Luke Cage but she’ll be a perfect fit in Singularity MC or Iron Man. It’s worth considering that if you choose to play her in your deck you will really want her to be your primary two drop so you’d be playing the full playset alongside Call and some other way to generate green counters.