Marvel Legacy Preview: Hela & Lilith!

And we’re back with another set of Marvel Legacy previews! Feast your eyes on these lovely Femme Fatales, but don’t get too close because they may feast on you!

Quick rule on Surviving for LilithSurvives: A character is considered to have survived if it made it through the entire combat unstunned. It does not count if a combat is cancelled early due to an effect or missing attacker/defender. Combat must resolve normally in order for a character to “survive.”

Kirk – Starting with Hela, I already want to put her into a Captain Marvel deck. There are two schools for Marvel, one where you top your curve out at 5 (punisher) and another that sprinkles in a 6 and 7 drop just in case the game does go too late and drawing little guys just isn’t good enough. Hela could be a replacement for those 6-7 drops in that Captain Marvel can have a board presence that allows you stun their whole board on turn 5, giving Hela the chance to be a 7 drop heavy hitter 2 turns early. The best part being, it’s gonna be real hard to get rid of her at 10/10 for 2 turns, so you won’t need another big guy on turn 7 as back up.

Lilith brings something new to the table in being able to grow her Health and straight up removing characters from the game. I’m super excited to see how long I can keep her alive, but I’m even more excited to get rid of pesky threats that love to return from the KO pile. There’s a lot more I want to say about her, but I’ll let the gang share their thoughts:

Nick -The single health on Lilith is a little concerning but there are still some positives to look at. Starting 6 DEF is an important number against the other most popular 4 drops like sabertooth, she-hulk, modok, nova, beast, all of which have only 5 or less starting ATK. Not to mention the ability to grow her Health even higher which is very important on SCs with flying in order to make them great protectors in the front row. While developing the Magneto and Enchantress decks with Kirk and Eric for the Origins event last year, we learned the importance of team attacking. Enchantress was lacking a really great 4 drop for her style of deck. Lilith fills that void doubly offering an on team option for team attacks and works great with Enchantress’ Imbue with Power ability creating a massive 6/8 flyer.

One of the best ways to pull ahead in a game of Vs is to be able to play ahead of the curve. Hela looks to be the best SC IN THE GAME if that is your plan. If you can ramp into her on turn 4 with Star Lord MC/ Mantis/ Silver Sable or on turn 3 with Dark Phoenix,  Hela’s 5 ATK should easily stun whatever is in play. Her 5 DEF and range means she doesn’t have to trade and gets to stick in play face up to use Touch of Death resulting in a 10/10 as early as TURN 3! That’s easily going to be bigger than anything else your opponent could drop for several turns sans Pixie+Singularity shenanigans. Get out your Guardians of the Galaxy faction and more specifically Even the Odds because they are going to be more important than ever now due to Hela.


John– Oh man do we have some nice cards today or what! Starting with Hela, we have something that looks awesome in a “big” Captain Marvel deck. We stun their board and then suddenly have a 10/10! I think that it takes a very specific deck to want to play Hela but I think that she definitely has a place in the metagame. Being able to power out Hela earlier than turn 5 is also something we will want to keep an eye on. Aside from the neat ability, ranged is always welcome on any character and 2 wounds is also really nice, especially on a Femme character.

Next up is Lilith and this is easily one of my favorite cards shown so far. In an already great faction, Lilith serves a very important role. Having Flight now allows the Femmes to curve Lilith into Satana (who is criminally underplayed) which creates a Lethal Lilith that just grows and grows. I think that this will best fit into an Enchantress shell but I also believe the new MC Baron Mordo can utilize this as well. Creating board control with Lilith and Satana pairs well with the hand control offered by the Baron. I’m really excited to play with Lilith!


Eric – Lilith looks amazing to me, a lot like a cheaper Miss America_SC. I have wanted to play more Femme Fatale oriented decks for a while. But I don’t always want to build with Goblin Queen_SC as my four drop. Spiral_SC just doesn’t do it for me with her 3 defense and one health. But now we have Lilith, who is going to be a great four drop in quite a few decks. I love her stats and that she has Flying. Vampirism gets her even closer to Miss America who has the same stats but swapped at the cost of one more resource. It’s not Tough with three health but Lilith will easily end up hanging around for several turns against decks that are full of lower drops.

Hela is very interesting to me. I already have a strong affinity for Satana_SC at the five drop spot on team. But the two health and being able to become a 10/10 with Range both make this card very strong. A small concern I have is the fact that your opponent’s entire board has to be stunned before you can activate Touch of Death. This requirement makes her power feel like it may be a “Win more” ability instead of being able to impact the board immediately. This critique may be too hasty though and I really think she just has too much potential to not sleeve up and test with before I make any final decisions on her power level. I am loving these new cards and want to say thank you so much to all involved for letting me be a part of it.


Ashley – Lilith is the bomb. I’m pretty stoked that we now have more characters to choose from and can go in less linear paths with our deck building. Previously your best four drop in Femmes was Goblin Queen which is a great board control card but not super hot with Enchantress. Lilith on the other hand is less fragile than Spiral but can snowball out of control if you manage Imbue with Power or team her up with Santana for some lethal attacks. 

Removing a character from the game is no joke too as a lot of us play with some sort of graveyard interaction. I love the flavor of Vampirism as she’s basically disposing of her enemy to make herself even stronger.

Hela is an interesting character and suits being in a very aggressive femmes deck I’m not sure how easily you’ll trigger her ability but if you ever manage to do it once she’s absurd and if you ever get to activate Touch of Death twice you’re just miles ahead. A 5/5 with two wounds isn’t exactly a bad rate on her own. I’m interested in seeing her in play and seeing how people are going to be able to face down their opponents team.