Marvel Legacy Preview: Green Goblin

How about them Main Characters getting some updates and level 3s? Let’s just say that I won’t be making any more predictions, amirite?

So You’re all itching to see what we’ve got today, and I’m happy to say we got another Level 3 Main character to show. One thing I did immediately last week when Kingpin was revealed was look up his original Level 1 & 2 so I had better information to evaluate his new Level 2 & 3. So to help you out and keep you from having to look them up let’s take a look at our Preview’s Original cards first:

I really did want Green Goblin to work when I first started playing VS. and while he’s great as a casual card he didn’t quite have the chops to work competitively. That said, there are a couple things I love about him. You all know I’m a a fan of Discard effects, and his first power does that, but the choice is in your opponent’s hands. They can stun one of their characters instead, but this also helps your XP. He also has flying and a second ability that helps you control the board. Leveling him up is a bit of a challenge, the old Thanos required KOs, but from either side. The new Thanos_L1 still requires KOs, but now they are enemy ones, so Gobby here is actually easier to level up. Enough about the old Goblin, let’s check out the new:

His new Level 2 gains +1 DEF, and that’s a big step. A 6/6 Flyer is nothing to sneeze at. Since his Old level 2 had a decent second power, the fact that you can choose which level 2 to go to makes Green Goblin more interesting than Kingpin to me competitively. With Kingpin, there aren’t too many situations I can think of for NOT always going to his new Level 2. Sometimes a +1/+1 counter may make a difference, but the counter’s impermanence makes it less appealing as a late game choice. I may sometimes WANT to use Green Goblin’s old Level 2 power, because KOing a multiple health character that’s troubling may be enough to swing the game. With that, let’s see what he gets for Level 3:

Ok, yeah… it’s going to be hard NOT to always want to shoot for his Level 3. An 8/8 flyer with a new 6th wound is pretty good on its own, but Goblin’s Game gives us an alternative Win Condition that will keep your opponent on their toes. Let’s see what the gang has to say:

John: Ah, finally a non-Thanos villain to be excited about (sorry, Magneto)! When Kingpin was announced on Friday, like others, I immediately started trying to brainstorm and guess who the other level 3 main characters would be. I assumed that they would choose underutilized mains that had simple leveling conditions in order to attempt to elevate their playability. The first one that popped into my head for Villains was Green Goblin; and boy is he sweet.

 I wouldn’t have said that a few weeks ago but the unveiling of Steel and Flame, alongside Crossbones and Mr. Sinister, really has me wanting to try Villains again. Steel and Flame is the card that really has me excited. It doesn’t seem necessarily difficult to level Green Goblin anymore, thanks to some help from good plot twists, and cards like Extinguish can keep multi-health characters off of the board. His level 3, aside from the much needed extra health point, has great stats and a literally game-ending ability. We’ve seen some alternate win condition cards see some success in the past and I fully expect Goblin to continue that trend as “win the game” is a pretty powerful ability.
Really looking forward to how people build their Green Goblin decks and I for one can’t wait to start testing him!
Ashley: I’ve made some paper proxies and played with this one a lot this weekend over Skype and with some buddies on the kitchen table, I must say that I am very impressed with what it can do. Some of the new Super Villains cards really help you as you get to use Metal and Fire alongside Steel and Flame (the clue is in the picture) to make it easier to stun your opponents board and gain those delicious XP points. Getting to level two is still a challenge but when you do, getting leveled up to your final form is a piece of cake which a 6/6 Green Goblin can do all by himself if he needs to.

When we do hit level three we are upgraded to a huge eight powered flier alongside gaining an additional health which is something you’ll be needing as you spent the first few turns of the game as a 2/4 chip shotting your way to victory.

When we hit level three we gain the Goblin Game super power, which allows you to pay one red resource to win the game if your opponent either has no cards, or no supporting characters. The third level of Green Goblin will force your opponent into the abyss where they will need to feed you characters and hold onto cards just to stay alive – which when facing down an 8/8 flier and the rest of the Super Villain team is incredibly difficult.

Previously we have seen a similar ability on Gamora with God-slayer Blade and Deadpool breaking the fourth wall though they both required combat. I’m a huge fan of out of combat stuns as it breaks a fundamental rule of the game, so out of combat KO’s on your opponent just reduces their defensive options to zero.

In game knowing that your opponent has the ability to end the game on their terms regardless of wounds was often terrifying as it meant now you had to consider not only playing to win but playing to not lose which adds a lot of strain on your in-game decisions and makes the battle a lot more uphill.

The level three characters change a lot and will have a huge impact on the format, not only in revitalizing old favorite characters but breeding new strategies for the future like Kingpin and his ultimate ability.