Marvel Legacy Preview: Fatal Flames

Welcome back, VS fans to the only place where the Femmes are Fatal, and the Villains will steal your hearts (literally, they’ll rip ‘em out).

Today we’re featuring a new style of Plot Twist, so check out this article to see how they work for deck building and how to play them!

We’re back with two more cards, and this week it’s Plot Twist week! Let’s start off with some Glenn Close with a Boiled Bunny and go old school with some Fatal Attraction:
Looks like the ladies get a little Plus action to go along with their Minus in Femme Fatality. I’m especially looking forward to playing this new Plot Twist with Elektra and Lilith, two of my new favorite ladies!

Next let’s look at what the bad boys have to offer:

They already had Metal and Fire, but it looks like they’re about to take you out of the Combat frying pan and put you into the Main Phase fire, where they turn the heat all the way to 11! Electro has nothing on the Villains, who will team up to knock all your Supporting Characters down to size wipe them out. This card shouldn’t be too hard to pull off at an opportune moment, as the Villains have the best Multi-Health curve in the game.

Let’s see what the gang thinks:

Nick – We live a world where the best Plot Twists you can expect to see are defensive. Offensive plot twists like Open Fire and Main Strength just don’t quite match up well against the ubiquitous Shock to the System and Find Cover. One of the benefits of the Femmes, is you get the best of the offensive Plot Twists. Cat Fight is great for fighting through those tough combats and Fatal Attraction adds yet another amazing card to combat against those defensive twists. Being able to add 3 attack is such an important number. Now, Femmes may not have that many great multi health SCs to stick around ensuring you have 3 in play to be able to play Fatal Attraction but they do have other ways to enable it. Goblin Queen will turn it on all by herself and 2x Madam Masques will let you play Fatal Attraction as early as the very first turn!

Steel and Flame is EVIL so it’s only fitting that this would be the Villain’s loyal plot twist. There are 32 different SCs that this card single-handedly stuns. Even if Steel and Flame only let you hit a single supporting character, it would still be good enough to play. But this does it to ALL enemy SCs so it won’t be a dead card in the mid-late game. A well timed Steel and Flame on a cluttered board state will most assuredly allow you to make favorable attacks and trades leaving your opponent’s field devastated. As Kirk mentioned, the Villains multi-health curve makes it incredibly easy for you to have enough characters in play in order to play Steel and Flame and be able to play it at precisely the most opportune time. How delightfully evil! Mwahahahaha!

Ashley – Steel and Flame is an effect I’ve been wanting for a long time, it isn’t a wrath* per se but it’s definitely great at helping you catch up and I feel its balanced by the fact that though it’s difficult to play in your villains deck – once you actually have three villains characters in play it’s very difficult to put you off it as they’re the multi-wound team as after all it’s hard to keep a bad guy down. 

Though it’s primarily a catch up mechanic against decks that want to overpower you with a swarm of low cost characters (I’m looking at you Peggy) it can also be used to neuter the effectiveness of larger threats too – if we look at Punisher as an example of a great threat – he is much less of a threat when he sits at a 5/1 and even worse if you play a second copy.
I think this plot twist could be exactly what it takes to bring Green Goblin back into the limelight as combined with this could effectively stun or KO a row.

I’ve always had a Fatal Attraction for the Femmes and now I get to reveal it ! I think the idea home for this is Enchantress as it’s a way without using a resource to both help her level up and to be able to spread out her level two ability. Though it is worth noting that this works excellent in a Mystique deck as along with this and Cat Fight you should be leveling up.

I’m enjoying the duality of Femmes as they have the only real removal spell in the game (Fatality) and now they have some of the best green counter generation too alongside this and Enchantress. Given what I just said about the lack of hard removal in the game, once you’ve managed to put these counters on someone like Santana or Lilith you have an unstoppable machine that will grind your opponent’s characters to dust.

I feel like now the power level is raising it could be time to shelve the Dark Pheonix as she’s much more on a level with what she’s facing and this idea of just making your characters bigger is an analogue to playing bigger threats ahead of curve.

I’m really interested in this design space and I’m most excited about the tension in deck building where in a mono team deck you have a decision to make with whether you splash a Cosmo or a ghost rider off team or if you think you’d rather have your team twist available to you.

*Wrath of God is a Magic card that clears the board of all creatures in play. The effect of clearing multiple characters at once is commonly called a “wrath” effect.