Marvel Legacy Preview: Crossbones & Mr. Sinister!

Happy Monday, Daily Metagame friends!

Eric – The Spoiler Christmas Feels abound here and we are very happy to reveal two more Super Villain supporting characters! Let’s start with the long awaited one drop shall we?

That’s right! I we now have a Super Villain one drop and his textbox is rife with new keywords and interactions. Did I mention he has two health and Range? He is only a 1/1 but his value and power come from his text box and his ability to stick around for at least two attacks. Henchman is a new mechanic and it’s interesting but limited in its ability to snowball efficiently with its team stamp. Like I said before, this team does not have any other one cost characters so it’s not going to be something you’re going to abuse during your recruiting step. Crossbones will trigger himself when he is recruited and that makes his initial stats a whole lot better. If he is a frequent flyer to and from the Pocket Dimension, then he will keep adding at least one counter every trip.

Next we have another new keyword in Combat Master. I really like this one, because it acts like the plot twist called Spellbound but on a stick. As a one drop, Crossbones can be held in hand and recruited on a turn you want to make an important or game winning attack but can’t afford to play through defensive plot twists. All in all this guy is a much needed gem for the Super Villain team.

Eureka! The biggest hole I see in our current Super Villains supporting character curve after the one cost spot is the at the five cost slot. Mr. Sinister checks all of the boxes for me as a competitive level, on-curve supporting character. As a five cost, six attack, six defense supporting character he is big enough to take on most six drops. He has two health and a paragraph of text as well. Though he may not be able to fly or take any safe shots from the back row, he will be drawing you cards with Genius.

If that doesn’t sound sexy enough for you. Let’s talk about Genetic Mutation. For the very inexpensive cost of one energy, Genetic Mutation will make a permanent enhancement to another supporting character. I can remember this guy saying things like, “I love to tinker with nature,” in response to being accused of experimenting on mutants. The flavor of this power is so on point and it just happens to be as powerful in game as it is in comic books. This guy is going to make a huge impact the turn he is played. His tool box of keywords will allow you to choose the best power for the scenario you are facing. I hope you can resist the seduction this vicious manipulator of the mutant DNA is bringing with him. Because I for one have already fallen for this fiends crazy red glowing eyes and his vision of a future that he promises will be better than one we have now. I’m going to trust this guys promises and start sleeving my Super Villains back up. What about you?

Let’s see what the gang has to say:


Starting with Crossbones we see another one drop that acts like a plot twist (see Black Cat, and this is great because it reduces the opportunity cost of having them in your deck. Having Crossbones in your deck allows you to have a card that both functions as a threat that you can recruit to attack and gives you the ability to know for certain that your combat math in the team attack is perfect. The only thing you need to worry about is power ups but if you’re playing Thanos or Baron Mordo that could just be playing into your plan.

More in my wheelhouse however is Mister Sinister, Genius is one of my favorite keywords but hasn’t really had chance to shine since Defenders. I think this is perhaps the best iteration of the ability as he’s a lot easier to protect and if you can keep him around gives you a really good outlet for the extra resources you’ll be drawing. Genetic Manipulation lets you permanently upgrade any character, from upgrading Sabertooth to give him a second instance of Berserker or even a first instance of Flight so that you definitely get to start your turn with our new favorite genius face up and in play.

In terms of the keywords, Dodge can protect your multi wound characters from being picked off for free by Punisher and Lethal can help your team deal with threats like Jessica Jones and Miss America. This card is certainly potent and I can’t wait to have it in play.

John- Oh man, another week and two more spoilers! This week we get to preview two Villain supporting characters rather than the usual Femmes and I don’t think we got shorted in the slightest. Starting with Crossbones we finally get a 1-drop for the super villains. What this guy does is something that no other character can do which is prevent opponents from playing plot twists during the combat. So what do we do with Crossbones? He’s not someone that you want to play one turn 1 typically but isn’t terrible in that role. You can’t really play him off-team because he certainly isn’t going to be stunning a key character without a lot of help from plot twists. So where we are going to play him is around turns 4-6 where we can play Sabretooth + Crossbones, or our next spoiler + Crossbones, in order to get a key stun and turn a game. His multi-wound capacity is also pretty great. I really like this card and expect to see a lot of him in all kinds of different decks.

Now, the spoiler that I’m most excited about, Mr. Sinister. I think that my favorite part about this card is that we aren’t forced to play the abomination of a card Abomination or the powerhouse Mandarin when we want to play a Villains 5-drop. Now we can either play Sinister and make our 4-drop awesome or we can play Crossbones + 4-drop. The options at 5 for Villains really improved with this set and they desperately needed it to stay competitive in my opinion. Good stats, multi-wound, awesome ability, and an incredible super power. What else do you want in a 5 drop? With the cards that we’ve seen so far I fully expect Lethal to be chosen a healthy amount of the time. What’s worth noting about Sinister is that his ability works on any supporting character, not just Villains, so I fully expect to see him splashed in a lot of decks. So excited for both of these cards!