March Madness Week3: Magneto Vs. Mr. Black

By; Kirk & Eric Buckendorf

Here we are! Week 3 and we’ve been given Carlos’ Magneto Vs. Peter’s Mr. Black. It’s a Team Attack Affair!

That ending was orchestrated perfectly by Eric. He had held the Space in hand for 3 turns, waiting for the opportunity to catch me off guard. When he put the negative counter on and team attacked, I thought I was safe from Enhanced Bio-Mask, so chose not to use Magneto’s +0/+4 to save him from the attack. I figured Mr. Black had an attack after that as well, so he’d have this 4th wound no matter what this turn. Just take the stun and also get rid of the Negative counter to live and defend against that 5th wound on a later turn.

When he dropped the Space to allow him to attack Mags face down, it was too late.

For giggles we continued playing as if I did stop the first attack, and it would’ve worked in Magneto’s favor, so it just goes to show that there is ALWAYS room for you to outplay your opponent, or for you to be outplayed!