March Madness Week 2! All 3 Matches

By: Kirk & Eric Buckendorf

Today we have 3 videos. The decklists can be found here:

Mr. Black can be seen here!
Wolverine can be seen here!
Kingpin can be seen here!
Luke Cage can be seen here!

Mr. Black vs. Kingpin:

Kingpin vs. Wolverine:

Luke Cage vs. Mr. Black:


These games left us with the records of:

Mr. Black: 2-1
Luke Cage: 2-1
Kingpin: 2-1
Wolverine: 0-3

A 3 way tie for first as we didn’t draw pairing to play in order for tie breakers. We had to play the tie breakers on Friday during our lunch hour at work, so we didn’t get to record the games, unfortunately.

After 3 matches between the tied decks, the records were:

Luke Cage: 4-1
Mr. Black: 3-2
Kingpin: 2-2

I’m going to be honest and say that because we were rushed to get these games in, and our lunch hour spilled over into work time, I could not give Kingpin the concentration needed to play it optimally. I think it beats Luke Cage most of the time, but can’t really beat Net Launcher and Mr. Black’s ability to attack face down characters. So the records would have again been tied. So due to time, these are the results I have to live with :/

Luke Cage and Mr. Black move on in the tournament.