Legacy Preview Monday: Voodoo Ninjas!

Happy Monday, Daily Metagame friends! We’re back with 2 more Femme Fatales to whet your ravenous spoiler appetite.First up  is brand new character who along with Black Cat has a real hatred for characters who get too big for their britches:

It feels like we’re getting more utility characters to toolbox with. Calypso and last week’s Shadowcat preview are two great examples. These are characters who fill a role as answers to opposing cards or situations rather than strictly on-curve plays. You don’t really have to play these guys on turn 1, they’re actually better held for later in the game when they can act as answers or surprise plot twists. Femme Fatales already has Black Cat, so they’re shaping up to be the giant killers.

Next we have the Supporting Character version of Elektra, whom we got to spoil two weeks ago:

You knew she was going to have Dodge, but it was still up in the air if she’d have the new Stealth keyword without having to pay for like her MC does. Not only that, she has three… THREE static keywords! Not relying on resources to pay any costs is huge. Her stats and 2 Health are already great for 3 recruit points, putting her at the top of the 3 drop crop!

Not only is she hard to hit, being immune to Ranged attacks, she has the added ability that no one can hide from her. The only character (outside of Plot Twist tricks) that can save a character from her is Shadowcat. Another rules note, As long as all attackers can legally attack the target, a mix of flight and stealth is fine.

Let’s see what the gang has to say:

Eric – Calypso is interesting to say the least. She has some pretty good stats as a one drop. She also allows you to have some huge late game plays with Femme Fatale stamped plot twists. Being able to remove the counters from a built up character and follow that up with Femme Fatality when you didn’t previously have a Femme character in play seems pretty cool. This gives more building room for deck crafters as well. I have a hard time not building with Even the Odds any more and really like they are spreading the counter control wealth around. This card is going to be playing a role in many on and off team decks and I can’t wait to see what people do with her.

Elektra’s supporting character is just as cool as her main character. She has three static abilities! That’s amazing on it’s own. But what really puts her over the top for me is the two health. What a great package of text. I love Femme Fatale characters with multiple wounds. This allows me to build a larger board for Femme Fatality. She also makes Cat Fight better for the decks I want to have it. These new characters are going to facilitate some very nasty turns. I for one am ready to start drawing cards every time I knock a back row weenie out! Take notice Moonstone, Electro and Yondu this chick is coming for you with Sai in hand.

Ashley – Elektra really solidifies me in thinking that Enchantress could finally have all the pieces she needs to be tier one. If Enchantress puts two +1/+1 counters on Elektra it’s game over man!

Currently a lot of people are concerned about the rise of a potential new combo with Valkyrie, Elektra really forces your opponent to do it all in one turn as she’ll be able to pick off any back row pieces they’re trying to keep safe. Alongside Satana she gets to KO anything drawing a card which helps you fuel Consume Soul to keep up your aggressive disruption.

Calypso seems functionally similar to Black Cat and will probably be played in a similar way to her as effectively a plot twist though her stats are slightly better for putting counters on with Enchantress as a 4/5 is just so much more survivable than a 5/3. It’s interesting that she can be an extra piece to utilize with Singularity if there are a lot of green counter generation on single targets. I’m coming for ya Thor-Thanos-Hulk-Enchantress !

I’m really interested in what they both mean for the game both in terms of legitimizing the Enchantress archetype and adding more disruption as the synergy and power level of our game increases.

John – With each and every card being spoiled there’s something that is becoming increasingly more clear: power creep. That being said, I don’t think that this is a bad thing. VS 2PCG is a “fair” game in that nothing broken truly exists and that a bunch of powerful cards is flavorful in the fictional hero vs villain world. At any rate, Elektra and Calypso are two more examples of this. Starting with Calypso we have an alternative to Black Cat as a way for Femmes to deal with counters getting out of hand. She’s really unassuming but cards like this are necessary in the game. The design is great, the stats are what you want, and the effect is absolutely appreciated. It’s not going to be hard to toolbox her into a lot of decks to just erase an opponent’s hard work and start back at scratch.

On the other hand, Elektra is what dreams are made of. Good stats? Check. Two health? Check. Evasive? Check. She can attack anywhere from the front row and for her efforts she rewards you with a free card draw after KOing an unaware character. I love drawing cards more than most so I’m in love with this card. The two health just makes me love her even more and I’m sure I’ll be looking for ways to slot her as the three drop of choice in a lot of decks. A 4/5 Elektra in Singularity? Sweet. A 4/5 Elektra in Enchantress? Amazing. Femmes didn’t have many good options at three and things are about to change. I love Loyal Soldiers decks and I’m just drooling at the chance to test Enchantress fully on team with Elektra and the previously spoiled Lilith. So much to look forward to!

Nick – I’m a huge fan of the design of Calypso. Clean, simple, and a nice addition to balance out some of the new cards we’ve seen so far. Many of the new spoiled cards deal with +1/+1 counters. Previously you’ve had to rely on Even the Odds to deal with them, but that requires you to play a specific faction in Guardians of the Galaxy. Now you don’t have to.

The formation step is difficult. Really difficult. Incredibly important. One small mistake and you could be ruined. Because of this I really like cards that mess with your opponent’s formation. They take your opponents carefully calculated plans and messes them all up. Elektra, and more specifically the ability Stealth, does exactly that. Any ability that allows you to break a fundamental rule of the game is dangerously powerful. Elektra’s combination of Stealth and Paid Assassin is so good that you’re going to have to think twice about including small bodied early drops that want to hide in the back row in your deck.