Legacy Deck Talk part 2

In part one of this series of mine we discussed some new mono A-force builds. Now I want to take a step into the streets of Hells Kitchen. A place that forges heroes in the worst of streets. We’re going to talk about Dared… Nope. Nope. Can’t even finish typing that out. It’s time for Baron Mordo!


Baron Mordo is a great way to disrupt your opponent and his game plan. He has one of the easiest to abuse level up conditions and once he’s level 2, he’s in such a great place to ensure your opponent doesn’t level up. Let’s look at a decklist and break down some of its strengths and weaknesses.


Baron Mordo
Baron Mordo

Characters – 36
4x Helmut Zemo
3x *Bishop*
4x Ronin
3x Taskmaster
3x Jessica Jones
3x Psylocke
2x M.O.D.O.K.
4x Mister Hyde
3x Mister Sinister
3x Magneto
2x Blackheart
2x Onslaught


Plot Twists – 8
4x Play Dead
4x Fair and Balanced


Locations – 16
4x Fisk Tower
4x The Vault
4x Academy
4x Laboratory


I want to start off by saying I’m not ashamed to only running 4 one-drops. I like to press on turn 2 with this deck more than turn 1. This can be both a good and bad thing but I don’t feel there are any other one-drops outside of Iceman that I would really want to run. Maybe Calypso for tech, but then you still wouldn’t play that on turn 1. Either way, we have Helmut and his glorious power of Sow Distrust. Nothing better than starting your game off by looking at the hand of your opponent. I’d pay a yellow just to find out that my opponent is mono as well.

So, now unless your opponent plays their entire hand, you’re in a great place. Especially leading into turn 2. In an ideal world, you’ve got Ronin and another yellow on deck for Accuse. Since you know probably 4+ cards in your opponents hand, you’re in a great place to take them down another card. If not, that’s where *Bishop* comes in handy. Because if you have 1 of your available 8 blue location options, then you have a 4/4 ranged with his Energy Transference. By causing your opponent to discard with Mordo’s Mesmerize you get a stronger than average 2 drop and 1 xp!

Going to turn 3, you have a lot of options. Psylocke is definitely one of your stronger options with the possibility of discarding cards via Psychic Knife. But if you don’t have her you have Taskmaster and Jessica Jones ready to jump in. Both offer strong defensive options.

Turn 4 your goal is to have that Mister Hyde. Yes, I know he’s a 5/5 but that’s just for now! Combo him with a Play Dead and he’s a 10/10 with 2 wounds who just absorbed an attack for you! Not bad! M.O.D.O.K. is great and useful, but he’s in here for tech. Maybe you play him on 5 or 6. If you have field control then fine, but Hyde is definitely your power play to regain it if not.

Turn 5 with Mister Sinister can by hysterical. Especially if you just recovered a Mister Hyde. Want to make that front line super difficult to breach? Give him flight. Want to make a wall since your opponent has no fliers? Give him ferocious or berserker. Genetic Manipulation is all about stretching your already strong characters into unfair beasts. So why not make the biggest beast of the all even better?

Turns 6, 7, and 8 are all about board control and clean up. Magneto is one of those cards that no one wants to see hit the field. Ever. Especially if you have the availability to give Magneto a boost with Mister Sinister. Besides doubling up on flight or ranged, anything you add to Magneto is useful. Okay, maybe not lethal, but you get the point. Blackheart can also add to your enemies frustration. His potential to be huge in this deck is definitely there. Followed up with Onslaught just to make your opponents cry if you need to!

I feel this list is probably within a few cards of me calling it complete. Let me know what you think!


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