Gleaming the Cube VS.2.0 Earth vs. Aliens!

By: Kirk W Buckendorf

Hey Cube Drafting Fans, I’m back with a whole new Cube list to try. If you haven’t already, check out the first first Cube Article here where I describe my thoughts behind Cube Drafting VS. and Cube list to build with all Marvel character and 8 teams from Marvel Battles, Defenders, A-Force and Legacy!

You can check out the Rules and Text List here!

Today, I want to introduce a Cube that uses cards not from those sets and introduces a bit of a theme. Aliens, Predator and Monsters Unleashed all introduce the new Power Symbols of Alien & Humanity found on the Space and Earth Basic Locations:

Upper Deck and players have already started doing Cube Drafts by mixing Aliens and Predator, simply by combining the two sets and taking out a few locations to make 384 cards. That is a blast, but I want to draft some Monsters Unleashed as well and I like the idea of having 8 teams to draft from in an 8 player Cube. I built the cube using the characters first, and with the filters in the VS TCG Browser I was able to see the ratios of characters using Space and Earth to get an idea of how many of each to add to the cube. There are still more of the Basic four colors (Might, Intellect, Skill and Energy) but there should be plenty for every one to draft. You can check out the the Cube Visually here, on the VS TCG Browser!

The Locations also introduced a new conundrum! Characters like Jungle Hunter are looking for his Val Verdant Jungles and Predator Ships to gain certain powers. Without having to buy 3 sets of Predator to make all 11 each of Blue and Green locations into those, we’re going to just use 4 sets of basic (non-Space & Earth) locations from Predator, 4 from Aliens and 3 from Monsters Unleashed. This means, if you draft Jungle Hunter, you’ll also want to be on the lookout for his favorite named versions! This also keeps his power level in check. He can still search up ANY location, but you have to work for it in draft to get the ones that give him bonuses, but since he can search them up, you’re most likely fine even if you just draft one copy.

Some of the numbers from these sets also provided new challenges! Leviathon supporting characters are all mostly One of a Kinds, so you will need two sets of Monsters Unleashed, because I think their Comet Fall members will be popular for any team so I’ve included two copies of each This also makes it easier for a player trying to draft Leviathons as almost a full team, because other players may be drafting them to fill their own decks. One of a Kind STILL applies to deck building! If you draft two of the same One of a Kind characters you can only play 1 copy in your deck. (Remember that Loyalty rules are loosened for Deck Building, so a Leviathon mother can draft and play her Loyalty Plot Twists, but still splash a few off-team Supporting Characters to fill her deck!)

Two copies of Monsters Unleashed was also needed to provide two copies of Leviathon Mother (the ONLY Leviathon MC) and two copies of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Main Characters. The two besties (Moon & Devil) hey will be sleeved as a pair, so if you draft one, you draft them both, and there will be another copy of them in the MC draft! Falconer is also a special Case! He gets a Drone for FREE in his sleeve when you draft him. You may still draft more drones if they come your way, and he starts the game with one of those Drones in play, so you start with 39 cards in your deck instead of 40. (Be sure to put a drone BACK into his sleeve when the draft is done!)

The same rules from my first cube still apply for Loyalty cards and drafting locations. You can play ALL the locations you draft. You can also play as many Red Basic Locations as you draft! What’s new is that there is no restriction on playing all of a single location type of the same name. You can play both Training Ground and the The Sulaco in your deck.

Loyalty cards can be put into ANY deck, ignoring the Loyalty deck building restriction, but you STILL need to meet the requirement of 3 Face Up characters from that team to play it!

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think! I’m working on a Good Stuff “Highlander” cube for next time, which will probably have ALL teams MCs that have been printed draftable and a cube built with only 1 Copy of any card, so all the fat is trimmed to just the “good stuff” 🙂