Gleaming the Cube 3.0

By: Kirk W Buckendorf

Hey Cube Coveters, I’m back with TWO new Cubes featuring the latest and greatest VS System 2PCG sets!

Marvel Crossover Cube!
The first is a Cube is built with my 8 team template featuring MCU Battles, MCU Heroes, MCU Villains, Deadpool, New Mutants, Brotherhood, SHIELD vs. Hydra. You will need cards from Marvel Battles, Legacy, Defenders to round out the 8 teams as well. This is a Crossover Cube which means that mixing the Illustrated and cinematic cards is allowed. (The 8 Team format includes drafting your Basic Locations – This note will make sense in a minute.)

Check out the Crossover Rules here!

Highlander Cube!
The second Cube is one I’ve been looking forward to. Now that there are enough sets, I feel like it’s time to build a “good stuff” highlander cube that uses ALL sets and ALL teams and only ONE copy of any card. This means that the 8 Team format is thrown out the window, and you will first draft your Main Character from a pool of EVERY Main Character printed up until MCU Villains. Did I mention it also mixes Illustrated and Cinematic cards? In this format, you do NOT draft your Basic Locations; all the cards you draft will be Supporting Characters, Plot Twists, Equipment and Special Locations! Instead you can add up to 3 of each Basic Location to your 40 card deck after you draft as needed.

Check out the Highlander Rules here!

And in case you wanted to check them out, the first two Cubes can be found here:

8 Original Marvel Teams!
This one has Marvel Battles, Defenders & A-Force & Legacy, the OG Cube!

Check out the Marvel-Legacy Cube here!

Alien Invasion Cube!
Built using Monsters Unleashed, Aliens & Predator crossover:

Check out the Alien Invasion Cube!