Formula for success- Evaluating Main Characters

by: Alex McGraw

Hello everyone with the upcoming release of Legacy (hopefully soon!!) I wanted to share with you all my process on evaluating Main Characters. I find this process very helpful when a new set drops and the formats start changing. This gives me general directions on how I want to approach a new Main Character or if I even want to waste my time with them (Groot I’m looking at you!). So let’s get into the nuts and bolts for my evaluating formula.

Let’s assume that there is an average number for evaluating Main Characters. The starting place for me is to look at the level one of the MC, they all have an attack value, defense value, and life totals. Let’s take a look at one here is Dr. Strange.      

As we can see he has 2 attack 4 defense and 5 health, He also has flight. So if we add the attack value, defense value, and health together we get 11 but we cant forget about flight in this example so we will add 1 more for flight.(if range was involved we would add one more as well.) So we get a grand total of 12 for the good old Doctor. We can use this as an average starting point to look at the other MCs we currently have in the format. As no other MC has less than 5 life (other than Ripley #8 level 2) we will use that as a base number for health. With a few exceptions all of the level one MCs have some combination of 7 for there attack and defense totals so we can safely use that for our average as well. I always add one to the totals for flight or range depending on the MC. Also I will add another point for any health over 5. Using the formula of attack + defense + health =?? We can compare MCs against our average to see where they stack up. Now that we know what we are looking for as an average for level one lets see how they all compare to each other. Lets start with the Avengers

Captain America– He is a 2/5 with 5 life and no flight or range. So 2+5+5=12 putting him dead even with our average. Way to be mediocre Cap! So for now on I will just say Even if their total equals 12. If they total is more I will just use +1,+2 etc. and if less I will use -1,-2 etc.

Hulk– Even (he is a 3/3 but has 6 life to give us our 12)

Iron ManEven

Spider Man– Even

Storm – +1

Wolverine – Even

Deadpool – +1

Professor X – Even

Rocket – Even

Star-Lord – +1

Gamora – Even

Groot – -4 (God why is Groot so awful????)

Green Goblin – Even (I mean come on even Green Goblin is average)

Loki – Even

Magneto – Even

Thanos – +1

Daredevil – Even

Dr. Strange – Even

Ghost Rider – Even

Luke Cage – Even

Bullseye – +1

Kingpin – Even

Venom – Even

Winter Soldier – Even

Captain Marvel – +2

She-Hulk  – +1

Sister Grimm – +1

Phoenix – +3

Black Cat – Even

Dark Phoenix – +3

Enchantress – +1

Mystique – Even

Ripley 8 – Even

Sister Ripley – Even

Lt. Ripley – Even

Warrant Officer Ripley – Even

The Newborn – Even

The Dragon – Even

The Perfect Organism – Even

The Queen – +1

If we take a look at this list by Factions A-Force is by far the best combined faction using our formula they have a combined score of +7. In second place we have the Femme Fatale with a combined score of +4. Rounding out the top three is Super Villains with a combined score of +2. After the top three it gets pretty muddled here with Avengers, X-men, Underworld, and Aliens. We also have two factions the ended up completely average, The Company and The Defenders. Lastly we have the Guardians of the Galaxy with -3 thanks in part to in my opinion the worst MC in the game Groot. I guess we are not Groot… Still this is only half of the information after all we don’t just have level one MCs right. Looking back to our previous example with Dr. Strange lets look at his level two:

If we use the same formula for level one we have 4 attack + 7 defense + 5 health +1 for flight = 17 this is going to be our average. Most level two MCs have some variation on the number 12 for attack and defense values, again we will be adding one for flight or range and one for any health over 5. Using our 17 average with which we can compare our level two  MCs. Without further adieu, We have our Level two MCs once again we will start with Avengers.

Captain America – Even

Hulk – +1

Iron Man – Even

Spider Man – Even

If we add the totals we gathered from our level one MCs to our level two results we can see that as a whole the Avengers came out to have a grand total of +2 as a faction.

Storm – Even

Wolverine – Even

Deadpool – +1

Professor X – Even

Again if we take our totals from the level one MCs and add them together we have the X-Men at a total of +2 as well

Rocket – Even

Star-Lord – Even

Gamora – Even

Groot – +3

Thanks to Groot almost redeeming himself The Guardians managed to just break even and remained totally average! Way to be mediocre guys!!

Green Goblin – Even

Loki – Even

Magneto – Even

Thanos – +1

The Super Villians end up with a grand total of +3 as a whole.

Daredevil – Even

Dr. Strange – Even

Ghost Rider – +2

Luke Cage – Even

The Defenders end up tied with the Avengers and the X-Men with +2.

Bullseye – Even

Kingpin – Even

Venom – +1

Winter Soldier – +1

This brings the Underworld to +3 and tied with the Super Villians.

Captain Marvel – +1

She-Hulk – +1

Sister Grimm – -2

Phoenix +6

Thanks to Sister Grimm level two not being very strong she drops the A-Forces total down a bit but even with that they score a WHOPPING +13 as a group. This will most likely secure them in first place at the end as the strongest faction. However we still have a few factions left to cover.

Black Cat – Even

Dark Phoenix – +6

Enchantress – Even

Mystique – +1

This puts these lovely ladies firmly in second place with +11.

Ripley 8 – -3

Sister Ripley – Even

Lt. Ripley – Even

Warrant Officer Ripley – +1

With Ripley #8 having such low life on level two this really hurts the Company as a whole dropping them to -2 and in last place behind Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Newborn – +1

The Dragon – +1

The Perfect Organism – Even

The Queen – +1

This brings the Aliens to a +4 as a faction surprisingly putting them in 3rd place as a group.

Now that we have looked at all of our level one and two MCs as wholes with there respective factions lets round off the top 3

3rd  Aliens

2nd  Femme Fatale

And in 1st place by a landslide is A-Force

As far as the top 3 individual preformers we have a 5 way tie for

3rd Ghost Rider, The Queen, Deadpool, She-Hulk, and Thanos all with a +2

2nd Captain Marvel with +3

1st  As no surprise to anyone we had a tie with Phoenix and Dark Phoenix at +9 each

If we take a look at my evaluation process just based on attack, defense, and health its clear to me that I have been on to something with this. If we take a look at the last few tournament results since the banning of Thanos, I think we can all safely say that Dark Phoenix is a beast and is here to stay for a while. Captain Marvel seems to be a very strong counter to Dark Phoenix I have both these two MCs in my top three list as the current format sits. Do my results lead us to the best of the best with out taking into account super powers and level up conditions? Let me know what you think of my evaluation process.


So ill leave you with this “I am what was, what is, and what will be – the black angel, Chaos-Bringer! I AM POWER!!”