Fatality !

By: Ashley Knox

Continuing our spoiler week with the newest Daily Metagame spoiler we get to look at Elektra the newest addition to the Femme Fatales and the first main character that doesn’t have a corresponding supporting character… yet.

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There is a lot of aggression in this set but each variety is doing it in a different way, Thor is very much an explosive method and Cyclops is more of a tactical formation build. Elektra sits somewhere in-between these as an evasive early game threat and a late game grind house.

Elektra is an evasive threat, her static ability is dodge combined with her Ninja Training gives her a weird flying-like presence on the battlefield. Dodge is an interesting mechanic as it means that if you want to attack her, you have to be in the front row which means she has an opportunity to deal with the opposing threat and can’t just be taken down by a Punisher of a Magneto from the back row. This creates an interesting tension with the rest of her abilities as she’s excellent at dealing with ranged and utility characters. Her level up condition technically allows your opponent can play around your level up though 2 experience is really a very low amount for such a regular game play occurrence. If in a game your opponent decides to play their Cosmo or Ice Man in the front row then that plays into your secondary plan of being a beat-down deck and just trading blows.

In terms of stats a 3/4 is my favorite level one stats as you are right in the territory of being able to attack into the opponents early game and come away from the fight unscathed and can often not get freely stunned one on one by aggressive main characters.

At level two we have the same stats as level two Mystique but Elektra doesn’t require you fill your deck with combat tricks just to level her up. The most interesting element of this character is the ability Hand Experience which can often mean that when she has taken four wounds you can put her in a position where she is immune to Ghost Rider and you can no longer lose by having your Main Character be KOd – for as long as you can pay yellow resources – this is similar to Luke Cage and his Impervious Skin. You should be warned though that if your opponent is playing discard you should refrain from activating this ability unless you have cleared the way with Satana as if your main character would be put into the KO pile you will lose the game.

Upon looking at her closely we see an evasive threat that is able to pick apart strategies that are based upon synergy and hiding important utility pieces like Dagger and Yondu in the back. I think she could be a rival to Mystique if people want to specifically play a Femmes aggressive character. So with that out of the way, what cards does she unlock?

Femme Fatality is basically the only hard removal spell in the format. I’ve tried playing this in Goblin Queen builds of Professor X to some success but it was always painful having to wait until turn four to play it. With a Femmes main character now you can play it whenever you need to, it can never be overstated enough how powerful removal like this can be in a game that is centered around combat. It has an obvious synergy with Goblin Queen as plus a yellow resource that allows you to stun or severely wound anything currently played. Late game this can give you access to an effect similar to Ghost Rider which lets you win the game on the spot regardless of the five minutes your opponent spent working out their formations in the pressured turns when they’re sat on one remaining wound.

Given that our main character does only need two experience to level – we finally get to put a Nebula into play and its not impossible in some match ups for her to be a 6/6 the turn you play her on curve. I’ve always wanted to play with her but Magneto tended to level up too slow and Thanos really didn’t have the space. Two wounds is potent as it guarantees that you get to attack at least twice with her hopefully trading for a card or two along the way.

I’ve spoken a lot over the past few days how the other main characters spoiled care about green counters – Thor buffs himself and Cyclops wants to use Squad Tactics and Loyal Soldiers. You shouldn’t think of Black Cat as a one drop, think of her as a plot twist that can give another femme plus three power and can wipe out the counters on an opponent. This was I believe some of the technology used in The Dragon deck to be able to beat up on Captain Marvel and level two Thanos_L2.

Cat Fight is another plot twist that fits in with your game plan with this, a lot of your cards can trade up in value. Though you will often spend two of your cards to remove one of theirs this can be vital in removing a huge threat that would left unchecked be able to machine gun down your team. There are ways of making this less of a card disadvantage – if you have Satana in play your Femmes have Lethal meaning you can knock out anything regardless of wounds. Aside from those occasions where you are trading up in terms of recruit cost this does very conveniently trade for slightly above a Shock the System or a Find Cover which are cards I suspect will be even more prevalent given the amount of potent aggressive cards we have seen so far from legacy. On the occasions you trade cards and not wounds with this Cat Fight you will be very happy as then you get to reverse the dynamic and be up a virtual card. I think I perhaps have too much to say about Cat Fight and its possible impact so perhaps I’ll revisit this in an article by itself about trading cards and combat.

I wouldn’t say that Elektra is full of synergy with her own team so perhaps you would want to play her with another couple of teams. If you paired her with with Avengers you’d get access to an excellent late game with Iron Man allowing you to stay in hand by reusing your locations. Guardians of the Galaxy would allow you to be even more disruptive by giving you access to Yondu and Cosmo though this would lend itself more to a voltron style game play. I think the ideal pairing could be heavy Femmes splashing the heavy A force hitters of Miss America and Loki to compliment your Moonstone, Nebula and Santana. Santana gets a lot better the more Femmes you play and gives you a way of protecting your late game ability as once you have taken care of a Ronan or Baron Zemo you can extract every copy of them from your opponents deck and be safe in hand – not that a stealthy 6/7 in a great team exactly needs to spend that long hiding.

Elektra might find that in some match ups it’ll be very difficult to level up (Luke Cage, Cyclops) but she’ll also find herself leveling up on turn two-three against other decks (Prof X, Sister Grimm) I think this leads to some interesting decisions in the deck building phase of the game and you get to consider your local meta before you decide what to bring to your monthly tournament.

I’m pretty stoked about the cards that have been spoiled so far and I’m enjoying the fact that though the three I’ve covered have been from one specific archetype they all feel very different and will allow a lot of customizing in fitting with peoples play styles. This is what we’ve needed all along really, enough card depth for people to take one specific.

Thanks for reading & let me know what your favorite spoiled card has been in the comments or tag me on the Facebook collective group if you want to discuss something.