Exclusive! Aliens Preview

By: Sean “Keebler” Powell

Presenting Warrant Officer Ripley Level 2!!

You are here to see the new card so I am gonna give you dessert first! (Just remember who lent you some sugar!)


BOOOOOOOOOOM! I meant that literally, not figuratively! BOOOOOOOOOM! One more time cause it’s worth it!!!

Yup you read that correctly. Stun ALL supporting characters at the end of the turn for 1 Laboratory.

Just 1.

And she has some massive defense stats at 4/8!

So why is this awesome and OK? Let me tell you:

If you know me you know that I LOVE fluff, and it doesn’t get much fluffier than this. If you know anything about the movie you know that at this point things have gone very badly. Pretty much all that’s left are, “The Perfect Organism (“POE” from here on)”, Ripley, Lambert, Parker and Jones (the Cat). Between the time of arming of the bomb and the detonation itself, just POE, Ripley and The Cat are left. Now this can happen in game!! (I am still waiting to see if they are going to give The Cat a card. Cosmo is a dog and I hear he is pretty good!)

So you arm the bomb with a blue (1 BLUE!!) and then finish your turn and wait to watch the world die! My favorite ability so far! What do you do once you have armed a bomb that’s gonna rock the boat?

Well for starters you can go all out for the opposing main character! Everyone else is just gonna die! So send your board in to wound that pesky opposing MC.

Lets review level 1:


The level up ability is pretty unique here. Ripley and Hulk are pretty much both on the hunt for wounds. Hulk wants them all in a row and Ripley wants them spread out a bit. Ripley can even mitigate much of the damage she will take by dazing herself once she gets a weapon in her hand and just making sure she isn’t going to get stunned by the opposing player.

So here is a decent line in-game from what I can tell so far.


Turn 6 : Ripley is already Leveled. Recruit Ash and move him to your opponents back row. Set bomb. Wound opposing MC at all costs! Bomb explodes! (Hand out stuns like Oprah hands out cars! You get a stun and you get a stun!) NOTE: You could wait to detonate the bomb after you do all your attacks to make sure this is the correct turn to use the ability, but that takes a lot of the movie suspense out of the game! Activate first then attack!

Opponent’s turn 6: Opponent recovers their board. Ash stuns someone. Now they have a 3/3 that stunned someone with 2 Health left that they have to invest resources into to deal with. Or just let him stun someone next turn too!

We don’t have a ton of cards to look at from the company as of yet. But the fact that what we do have access to shows dudes with more than 1 wound, leads me to believe that when you get a full board and you have to set off the bomb, it’s going to hurt your opponent far more than its going to hurt you. Call is a great example 2 cost 2/2 with range and 3 wounds. Dudes are gonna stick around.

I think that Ripley will be a great character (or characters.. as we know that there are going to be 4 different Ripley’s to choose from)! I can’t wait to learn what other possible equipment may be out there for her to gear up with! (I also wouldn’t mind seeing a Jones The Cat card!)ALN-013

Well, I gotta say thanks to Upper Deck for allowing me the opportunity to preview such an awesome card. I am humbled and super excited.

Hope to see everyone at Gen Con to have a super fun time playing with the new Aliens Vs Battles!

If you see me come up and say hey! Love meeting new folks!