Deadpool Previews

Hey kids, want some Deadpool spoilers?

Kirk – Slapstick is one of the funnier Mercenaries Deadpool hired in a story line of the Comics to impersonate himself. There were about 6-8 copies of Deadpool running around the world doing missions for Hire. Turns out they were all Marvel Universe D-List bad guys and mercenaries hired by Deadpool to help fund his newly appointed Avengers team. Slapstick was one of them, and with his literal Cartoon Indestructibility he was as hard to kill as Deadpool himself. Super Awesome Games designed this in an ingenius way that makes me want to yell a cartoon, “BOING!” every time Slapstick is KO’d!

John – Ah previews! Just an aside before I start, I love this new format of monthly* packs. I think that it keeps the game fresh regardless of the cards power level. That being said, I sense a theme with this set and the Mercenary theme is definitely something needed in VS. it opens up the MCs that need to team attack and stun other characters and takes them to a whole new level. I really wish Slapstick was a 1 cost 2/1 with this ability but at 2 he might still see some play. There’s some merit to a character that just won’t die so that you always have an Underworld character at your disposal for plot twists and effects.

Only gets better with time. For now, simply a role player and a filler. Great design though!

Eric – Spoilers are back on menu boys! I feel like an Orc who hasn’t eaten meat in weeks. So let’s dig in!

Look at all these keywords flying around. Cartoon Indestructibility is a new one. This guy is not going away… ever. Unless of course you can make his owner discard him. Mercenary is popping a lot more often it appears. That’s not the worst thing. But really, I am interested to see what crazy deck this guy is going to pop up in. I have not come up with too many ideas for him as of yet. His stats are below average and he can only team attack in melee combat. I don’t ever really see myself playing him over Leader or Electro. But with new cards still to be revealed. There are probably some things Slapstick can do that I just haven’t thought of yet.


Kirk – Ajax is probably best on Defense, being able to absorb any number of attacks as a front row protector. Without Flight, though, it may be a little tough to take advantage of his Tough & Pain Tolerance combo. Bring in Moonstone to take away the enemies’ flight and you’ll get a full opposing turn free from any attacks. I think this combo would work best in a control style deck that abuses Valkyrie. Come late game around turn 8 or 9 and you can Recruit Ajax and Moonstone from the KO pile to set up the perfect wall. From that point on, if you have Ajax and Iron Man in the KO pile, your opponent may never be able to attack your Main Character for the rest of the game!

Eric – Right away I like the stats paired with Tough and his new keyword Pain Tolerance. Would I ever choose Ajax over Taskmaster you ask? I think I might in an aggressive mono Underworld deck with Venom or Bullseye as my Main looking to use Not Finished Yet.

Now in the regular format, we just need to find a way to heal that wound off before the end of the turn. We can pair this guy with some Company cards and have CMO Clemens heal that wound after combat for one Skill resource flip. But I don’t feel like that is the best way to go. It just feels like too many three drops to make the combo efficient.

We can play him in a Phoenix deck, which seems much better. For one Intellect we get to take that wound off of Ajax after he is able to KO a supporting character or wound a main character. Which is very much like drawing a card when he KO’s one of our enemy’s supporting characters.

Lastly we have Angel from the Defenders. Healing Blood will allow us to heal that wound for one Energy. So it looks like we have a few team up options to pair with this guy. I can see this card doing some interesting things and I will be looking forward to hearing about what people are doing with this new set. Enjoy the spoilers and Stay Frosty.

John – Ajax is another interesting card but something that stands out to me right away is we can’t use him to attack multiple times per turn with his Pain Tolerance effect and he doesn’t have flight to make him a good wall. He’s still going to see some play as 6 attack for a 3 drop is pretty sweet. Just waiting to see more cards and how we can really abuse Pain Tolerance. Another great design and this set has a lot of flavor and terrific card design.