Avengers, Reassemble!

By: Robert Geller

Over the last week or so, we’ve received a ton of spoilers. Some were awesome, some were more awesome. A few of the things we’ve seen in particular are huge power spikes for teams that some people have described as underwhelming. I think we’re likely to see some older cards come into play that people didn’t find of higher value.

Specifically, Falcon. Sam is FANTASTIC. What a great addition in a slot that needed some heavy attention. 1 drop Avengers. As other people have already said, they wanted him hard to hit. Being Mobile and that huge 4 defense on a 1 drop is incredible! However, he makes certain Main Characters much more playable in a competitive format.

For all of Cap’s strength, he’s a really low starting stat line. He breaks even on some averages, but with no Ranged or Flight, he falls under the average line unfortunately. Team attack with Black Widow on turn 1 was never really an option because you would just lose her and the same with Ant-Man. Unless of course you’re going to use Avengers Assemble in order to make a strong presence. But even then still you’re down a location right away. It’s decisions like these that made Captain hard to play. 

However, with Falcon at his side, a turn one team attack will have you buffing Ol’ Steve up to a HUGE 3/6 (thanks to Falcons Sidekick giving Cap a +1/+1 token) and Falcon sitting at 1/4 for a grand total attack of 4 on turn 1! That’s enough to stun most main characters all the while leaving your main in a hard place to get hit. Even trying to hit back Sam is hard for most characters at this point. On turn one, there are very few MC’s with 4 or more attack.  Even if they did you could use a Loyal Soldiers to boost yourself out of range of being hit back. That would make Captain a 4/7 (Umm.. Isn’t that a level 2 Dr. Strange stat line? Yes… Yes it is.) and Falcon would be even harder to hit at 2/5 turning him into a flying Star Lord on turn 1.

It might feel not worth it right this second, but Captain America is pretty easy to level up fast. Early boosts now mean even more +1/+1’s floating around your board sooner.

Okay. So there are no “real” Thor decks out there so let’s theory craft a great turn 1. Thor comes with Berserker. Something that is exciting to any player who likes stacking +1’s on their MC. Though his stat line is 1/4 to start, he’s 2/5 just for swing good ole’ Mjolnir around. Mix in a team attack with his flying friend Sam, he’s a 3/6 just like Cap. If you had to Lightning Strike or Loyal Soldiers to make your enemy strikeable, then you’re still not in an awful place. Any MC that you need to lower their defense that far on probably won’t be able to hit back on the next turn due to Thor’s mighty presence. Plus, your Falcon will be safe due to Mobile once again allowing him to hide in the back row behind Thor, who has Flight.

Let’s not forget in this scenario, Thor benefits from this team attack in multiple ways. His level up condition, Worthiness, requires 7 Good character attacks on your side of the field. In the team attack, he would be able to gain multiple experience points. In this case, two out of seven points on turn one is not awful (it’s actually pretty stellar).

Yeah.. I’m gonna go there. Turn 2 Peggy makes Falcon even better. This combo can set you so far ahead that it’s scary. I don’t even care who your Main Character is at this point. Peggy + Falcon is going to be so much winning that it’s not even funny. Average stats for a 2 drop mixed with Ranged?

Needless to say these two cards are going to be as common in Avengers decks as Think Again.