Alien; Requiem – Road to the UK 2.5K

By: Ashley Knox

Living in the UK, VS2PCG tournaments are hard to come by as they’re usually monthly affairs held at local game stores with prizes pretty limited to the size of the tournament. I’ve mostly stopped Magic: the Gathering (outside of modern) so an opportunity to play in a large tournament is something I’m really interested in. You can imagine how happy I was when I discovered we were getting a $2.5K in 6 weeks time along with a weekend full of win a boxes just after Aliens drops on us

ALN-036Currently I’m lacking some information as to whether Aliens will be legal for the event but I’m happy either way. The Aliens set is looking great with what could be the first faction that is actually good at team attacking from early on given the Swarm and Legion mechanic. Previously the biggest problem for decks that needed to team attack was holes in their curve, Captain America just didn’t have a playable three cost and similar to She-Hulk had the problem where you couldn’t play an SC with the same name as your MC for reasons other than power ups. Readers familiar with my last article will know that I’m actually a huge fan of team attacking and that was one of my main draws to the Luke Cage deck.

Playing a super aggressive Aliens deck sounds sweet, being the proactive party in a new meta game is usually correct. I currently have no idea what the shape of the alien plot twists and MCs look like but hopefully the faction is deep enough to be able to slam Loyal Soldiers and just put on enough pressure to always keep your opponent on the back foot.

Given the quality of Aliens spoiled so far I can see myself playing a super synergy based mono team at the 2.5K. Currently the exo-skeleton of the deck is nearly there I’m pretty excited to see what could come next seeing as we have the following.

Adolescent Xenomorph seems a lot stronger given the Legion keyword allowing you to play eight in your deck so you could have some potentially really explosive draws where all of your team can make some pretty absurd team attacks.

ALN-038Leaping Xenomorph seems great, it has very low toughness but when you need to get rid of an Electro or stun a Thanos before you go to town on the opponents board it’s functionally a removal spell (WITH TWO WOUNDS!) that can really help push your game plan.

Screeching Xenomorph is an excellent curve topper that has some great synergy with the deck, I can see this really getting out of hand especially if there is a ranged attacking alien or an alien that tutors up other characters with the Swarm keyword.

Sadly a potential problem with this faction is that it could be fairly parasitic and not play well with other teams though that is pretty flavorful. Given the best plot twist is generic being a mono team could be worth it, especially as Legion and Swarm keywords both take up a lot of space in your deck. I do however think this could be a contender for taking Captain Marvel off of her premier beat-down deck status.

ALN-043If however Aliens doesn’t arrive in the UK and can’t be legal for the event I have a back up plan, I really want to play a streamlined Dark Pheonix combo deck as that deck can just be absurd and can just go over the top of opposing strategies with a backup plan where you ramp out some chubbies and then once every 10 games you get to activate Ravager of Worlds and winning is purely academic from that point onward. I really like the style of deck and am planning on testing it a bunch before the event, even if the format isn’t what we are used to just getting in a bunch of repetitions with the game and learning all of the subtleties of the game before a big tournament is great value.

One thing I haven’t touched on is the human side of the Aliens set, equipment should be huge especially if the earth team compliments an existing faction or is strong enough to stand on its own as a MC utilizing older cards Though we don’t know if there are any generic equipment yet which could boost any previously legal Main characters – if we got a 1 cost jet pack along the lines of Flight +0/3 & some semi-relevant ability for example I would be sticking true to form and going deep with Luke Cage. As Luke decks tend to benefit from being two faction decks this could be pretty easy to pull off and would shore up a bunch of the decks weakness’ though this is pure speculation at this point.

Let me know what you think about the new set in the comments !