A Mystical Mysterious Mystique

By: Scott Watson

First a disclaimer:  This is partly an account of fiction…most of this never happened…or did it?

“Ahhhh, you small-minded homo sapiens, you thought I would never bother to meddle in your petty games.  The master though, oh yes, he had his plans.  He is a mastermind alright…a plan had to be devised to take down Thanos.  A short term fix??  No, No, No….this was a plan for the long game.  Thanos though…oh he had to win in the short term.”

                                                  — Mystique

A story of Gencon from the point of view of Mystique:

The master had commanded me to attend, and I was there to insure his plans.  The plan you ask?  Oh it was quite simple…Thanos had to win the Vs. System 2pcg.  Why would my master care you ask?  Oh, all in good time, all in good time…a villain always reveals their true intentions, but only at the time of their own choosing my friend.  You think Chad Daniel was the head judge at all times?  Oh ye of so little faith!  I am MYSTIQUE!  Do you not think me capable?

There was a new set out however…something Alien…I would have to train.

“Forget everything you think you know.  Whatever lessons you learned in school, whatever your parents taught you, none of that matters!  You’re not kids anymore. You’re not students. You’re X-men!”  [begins training]   –Mystique, Apocalypse (2016)

Oh yes, I believe in training…but with only 24 hours…hmmmm.  Would I become Thanos?  Perhaps Deadpool?  One of these Ripley’s?  Oooooo!  A Dragon…that sounds fun!   Testing, but time was running short, time even comes around quickly for Mystique!   Go see Dr. Strange or Dr. Who if you want to travel through time.  Of course!  I would play myself…I am rather egotistical afterall.

A decklist?  Oh the petty things you homo sapiens crave.

SC’s:  (30)                                                   PT’s: (15)                                       Locations: (15)

3x Cosmo                                                  4x Cat Fight                                   4x Fortress

3x Yondu                                                   2x Open Fire                                 4x Training Ground

3x Moonstone                                          2x Main Strength                         4x Madripoor

3x Leaping xenomorph                           3x Spook                                        3x Knowhere

3x Nebula                                                  4x Shock to System

3x Spiral

3x Starlord

3x The Dragon

2x The Punisher

2x Lady Deathstroke

2x The Newborn


Some history on the deck…it was originally a guardians/femme build prior to Gencon.  Leaping xenomorph was in as it had already been previewed.  Spook was give them a lift, The Dragon was rocket and The Newborn was drax.

Oh why was I there? To have fun of course…and more!  Playing Thanos…oh the master does not approve.  The tournament you ask?  The first round was Eric Buckendorf…the master would not approve winning this one…how do I throw this?…Oh yes, forget to place a resource round 3, whewwwww.

Round two?  You really want to know?  Seriously?  Round 2 was vs. Jose Barcelo playing The Dragon on an X-men/xeno build.  We both leveled quickly and I lost out on the healing…Mystique no likey healing.

The third round I played Jon Phillips on Thanos…we both won playmats Yeahhhh!  I finally played a Thanos…Yeahhhh! (who says that?).  The leapers did their job this game and were definitely the all stars as intended.  win #1, so 1-2.

In the fourth Round I played Mindy with Captain Marvel, I started on the play and leveled turn 2.  Between the Leaping xenomorph and Moonstone she was in a pickle.  Straight wounds every turn on the Captain…this is one of Mystique’s best match ups.  2-2.

Ahhh, round 5.  Gabriel Harrigan playing Dark Phoenix.  Once again started off great and had hit on a wound the first 5 turns, he ramped twice though on turns 5 and 6.  I tried to get through with a Lady Deathstroke attack for two wounds and the win but he had the defense to hold me off.  After that Thanos hit the board and well…2-3 record.

I considered dropping at this point but decided to play and just have fun.  I played Keith mcGee Jr. and his Wolverine deck.  I got off to a great start with 3x cat fight in hand and leveled early, doing wounds turn 1-3.  i couldn’t find a 4 or 5 drop though and totally lost tempo to his board.  he leveled and healed a lot of wounds…Mystique no likey healing.  2-4.

Next was Mike Millhollin on Dr. Strange.  I put him on 4 wounds quickly and had a dragon attack with a cat fight that he just managed to hold off on turn 5.  The aftermath was a long slow grind…the game went to turn 16…time had been called and we were tied on wounds.  I went all in to win on my turn, but he again had the defensive plot twists to win, It was a calculated risk as I knew he couldn’t have much left with what was in his discard pile.  He had less than 15 cards in his draw deck at match end!  It was a fun game even though I lost.  2-5.

My notes got bad after this…hurry up to the next match, a late night testing till 3 am trying to find ‘the deck” and being an old man just take their toll.  Round 8 was vs. Capt. marvel and a quick win.  3-5.

The last round was vs. Thanos and against Charles Griffith. Thanos with guns was unexpected…but again the leapers came through, so ended 4-5.

This deck went 4-5 but was fun to play.  Won both Thanos matchups it played and Capt. Marvel.  Lost to Dr. Strange after 16 turns, Sister Ripley, Wolverine, The Dragon and Dark Phoenix…most of which are bad matchups.

Changes, why darling…Mystique always changes…the list needs tightened up to run 4 of’s of leaping xenomorph, nebula, spiral and dragon.  Probably eliminate the guardians package except cosmo, maybe eliminate it altogether.  Other changes?  Well a villain never reveals everything.   Ok, ok, here is the list I would run today:

SC’s:  (31)                                                   PT’s:  (14)                                      Locations:  (15)

3x black cat/ or cosmo…meta              4x spook                                        4x fortress

3x ovomorph                                            4x cat fight                                    4x lab

4x leaping xenomorph                           2x main strength                          4x madripoor

3x moonstone                                          2x open fire                                   3x LV-426

4x nebula                                                  2x let’s rock

4x spiral

4x the dragon

2x punisher

2x lady deathstroke

2x the newborn or perfect organism

The deck wants to hit hard and fast, you really want a cat fight in your opening hand.  Try to level by turn 3 so that nebula is a 6/6.  Use the leapers to attack hiding targets like cosmo or MC’s.  If you can, clear the way for a lady deathstroke team attack with either a ferocious mystique  or spiral.

I came up with another version that was company focused, but I didn’t like how resource intensive it was:

SC’s:  (26)                                          PT’s/ Equip:  (14)                                  Locations:  (20)

4x vriess                                           4x cat fight                                             2x earth

4x call                                               2x open fire                                            2x lab

4x kane                                             2x let’s rock                                            4x fortress

4x nebula                                                                                                           4x training ground

2x C.M.O. clemons                          4x M-41A pulse rifle                            4x madripoor

4x spiral                                           2x power loader                                    4x weyland-complex

2x brother dillon

2x private hudson

Use a pulse rifle to help level mystique early.  Nebula and spiral both make great targets for brother dillon’s ability.  You can play either a more long term game with healing and power loaders or go faster with the pulse rifles depending on the matchup.

Oh…you want to know who the master is?  Why Magneto of course!  Magneto wouldn’t let me kill a Buckendorf after they made him shine at Origins.

Props and slops:

Prop #1:  Goes out to Chad Daniel and all the judges and support staff.  The event ran smoothly and quickly. The judges were prepared for the new cards, which was admirable

Prop #2:  Goes out to the player base.  This is a great group of players.  I enjoyed making new friends, seeing old ones again after years and just having fun.

Prop #3:  Has to be Gencon itself…so much to do…so little time…so many games!

Slop #1:  The one day to test a new set was not enjoyable.  I generally enjoy building decks, but my mind was racing with ideas and with not enough time to explore them adequately.  I felt I was either on Thanos or just resigned to an untested, unrefined deck…I chose the later.  Please give us a few weeks after a new set before a major event next time.

Slop #2:  Myself, I get so nervous playing in a large tournament that it affects my play…forgetting to drop a resource turn 3 definitely cost me any chance at that match…dumb, dumb.

Slop #3:  The only other issue I had was time of rounds/break.  I felt 30 min rds, were often to tight…especially without some sort of lunch break.  I would suggest either longer rounds or a lunch break.

On a side note:  Mystique’s favorite new game is…what else?  Mystic Vale.    Should be called Mystique Vale though and the only Pokemon-Go team?  Team Mystic.  Had Enough?