A Force to be reckoned with.

By: Ashley Knox

The next spoiler I’m going to be dissecting came to us from Pauper Tim and Team Attack yesterday to very mixed reviews among the community. I like that in staying with her supporting character Singularity is a controversial main character too. She’s certainly the most versatile of the characters spoiled so far and has the most flexible play styles available to you .

Given her stats she could be difficult as your team leader as though I’m sure you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry – at all other times a zero attack main character at both level one and level two is a tough idea to swallow. This down side does come with a way to offset it though as you now get the keyword inspire. Inspire? what does that do? well, whenever a character enters play on your side put a +1/+1 counter on it. Over the course of a game this could very well equal more net power than just having better base stats especially if you’re using her in conjunction with Goblin Queen. Goblin Queen becomes very powerful in a deck with Singularity as a base a Queen plus activation will give you 11 power over five bodies with a 3/7 queen flanked by her demon babies in the front row hiding your singularity from any harm.

Inspire as an ability is very powerful and similar to Enchantress as it allows all of your characters to enter with stats slightly above the curve. Though this is slightly better as you don’t need to invest any resources into it for it to activate it does play out differently as it benefits you more for going wide with multiple small units than Enchantress who benefits you for going tall with fewer large characters. Inspire does stack so if you’d like to play her with Captain America be my guest! I would even recommend it as you’ll want access to Think Again in your super powered repertoire.

Our first super power to look at is Envelop which allows you once per turn to choose any one character that would be KO’d and return it to your hand instead. This my friends is a very powerful ability with much utility – you can use it to grind out a long game where you grind out card advantage over time or you can use it to protect a piece of your aggressive curve deck and be able to always be applying pressure in the right way for the situation.

Envelop in conjunction adds a lot of play to this deck as you can recruit a 7/5 Miss America which is a huge threat and defender as it is and after your opponent has finally got through her you’re able to reset her wounds by returning her to hand to play this game again. This makes me feel like this deck has a certain prison element to it when you factor in you can do similar nonsense with Iron Man where he enters play as a 6/8 Flight & Range character that allows you to pay for the blue ability ad infinitum. Stalling however only gets you so far so you’ll want to add in our friend Ghost Rider as he can have a stabilizing effect on the board and you can aggressively trade him in combat with the intention of recurring him later on.

This does sound like it could be oppressive but not to worry as there is some counter play as you can play this match up. Similar to playing against Sister Grimm you can adjust your target priority for combat on your turn and also overwhelm the ability as it can only be used once per turn it requires a blue to pay for – though this can be hidden to be revealed by Build a Better World.

I feel like the level up condition is the most restrictive part of the deck, though Goblin Queen can potentially do it by herself you really want to be getting those goblins stuck in combat and clearing up your opponents board which may in turn lead you to play some more Femmes characters – especially as this gives you a more consistent use of Femme Fatality which already feeds into the level up condition of having lots of support. Leveling up does get slightly easier if you stay on team and with high powered cards like WaspMiss America and Loki I can see why you’d want to do this. Wasp is perhaps just an auto include regardless of how you decide to build her as she is a piece of disruption that can really mess with combat on your opponents side.

Once you’ve achieved this mammoth task, we arrive here.

Gravity Vortex is a great ability and can really force your opponent to overcompensate in their formation when you’ve turned the corner and have started to beat down and clean up shop. It acts as a win condition in a similar vein to Cyclops level two ability but in an A force curve deck can double the effect you get from your characters being slightly bigger than average as your girls arrive larger and your opponent is set back by one recruit point per turn basically taxing their resources and allowing you to get ahead.

It all sounds great so far right? I think this has come from the good design but there is a significant downside to Singularity. Five Wounds. This is one of the instances where the minimum wound count can really hurt as you really have to be careful in the early game where you could just take some hits if you had six or seven wounds now you have to play very conservatively so as not to just be dead to a single peeled Ghost Rider in the late game.

Fortunately you are in a team that does a very good job of protecting themselves and between You Wouldn’t Like Her When She’s Angry and Wasp you should be able to stick it out till you get to maintain control of the board.

Normally this is the part where I’d include the unlocks and I will, but two spoilers from today’s article from the Upperdeck Blog would fit perfectly in this deck.

Jessica Jones is precisely the three cost character you’re looking for – she protects you from Ronan & Helmut Zemo  in terms of discard, Professor X and his Mental DominationDark Pheonix is kept to playing the game by the same rules as you. She’s also absurd in the mirror as she messes up so much of what the singularity deck wants to be doing as well as nipping into the back row and giving Singularity what for.

JJ can also protect you from opposing Jessica’s – and you should expect to see her a lot as she does an excellent impression of Miss America – not to mention she enters play the first time as a 5/4 with flight and tough- hmmmm.

Crystal probably doesn’t manage to edge out over Loki but I think she’s very still playable. As you have access to Build a Better World you get to be really tricky and use it to uncover what abilities Crystal truly has as well as whether Singularity can use her Envelop I think this adds just enough gamesmanship that both Crystal and Build a Better World should be easy inclusions.

Back onto unlocks we’ve only got space for two and they’re spicy meatballs !

ONE-HUNDRED AND EIGHTY !! Bullseye!!! due to the Inspire ability on Singularity, Bullseye will always enter play with a +1/+1 counter which he can instantly cash in to activate his ability to wound a face up supporting character on your opponents side of the board. Wound is a very powerful ability as it means that if they are a two wound character Bullseye can probably straight out KO them by wounding them and then attacking in from your back row. though it is quite resource intensive you can set up situations where you’re able to activate his ability every other turn. I’ve always wanted to give this guy a shot and he often got cut through me missing with Call and Fair and Balanced.

Meggan is perhaps not the most perfect fit for all builds of your singularity deck but if you’re going wide with tokens she really goes up in value as she gets +5/+5 just from Goblin Queen. Having a huge girl in the front row lets you emulate a Captain Marvel style deck with a huge protector in the front row which really lets you convert your control of the game into a win as you get to machine gun down your opponents board. I’m really hoping that if we get Squirrel Girl in this set that she has an ability that spews out squirrel tokens as that would push this archetype over the top as well as pushing Meggan into the top tier for her recruit cost.

I think that Singularity can only get better with more of this set being released and if she ever gets stale and feels like she’s capped out on power we get to revisit her whenever a new token producer gets released.

Thanks for reading & let me know what your favorite spoiled card has been in the comments or tag me on the Facebook collective group if you want to discuss something.