A Dream of War

By: Ashley Knox

I’ve not had anything to write about for a while, I’ve been taking Dark Phoenix for a spin and the only changes I made were to exchange the You Won’t Like Her when She’s Angry for some Find Cover. I really enjoy playing the Dark Phoenix deck but it’s time to take some new decks for a spin especially given the news we received last week.

It has transpired that we will not be getting a new set until early 2017 – realistically this means middle of February to beginning of March – that is a long time, and as some people have rightly pointed out is quite problematic for the game in this period of development. It isn’t all bad however, as it allows the newer players a chance to catch up with us in terms of learning the game and picking up sets. If a new player picks up one set a month they’ll have everything they need before our next set. This also gives us some things to focus on like new Decks from old cards. This is something I really enjoy, looking at old main characters like Hulk and supporting characters like Gambit and finding them a new home.

Professor X was nearly a contender in the pre-aliens format and the inclusion of Kane just adds a whole new level of consistency for a dedicated value idiot Singularity deck.

This deck takes forever to actually win – the concept was simple when I decided to take it this direction. How inevitable can you build a deck? Well, this deck feels like it’s got the most inevitable game plan, if you aren’t dead by turn five it’s very unlikely you lose and if you’re still not dead by turn eight I feel it’s impossible to lose. There is a problem with the deck though, it takes forever to actually win, the game will be over after about 25 minutes but your opponent is under no obligation to concede to this and if you go ham with the Satana ability you can find your opponent has no good win conditions for you to steal and you have to win the good old fashioned way by recruiting 12 wasps a turn before hiding under your infinite singularities.

Professor X
Professor X

4 Wasp
4 Cosmo
4 Iceman
4 Kane
4 Singularity
3 Gambit
4 Goblin Queen
2 Satana
3 Iron Man
2 Valkrie
2 Ghost Rider

This is basically where I am at with this deck, and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t play at blistering fast speed or who plays with thirty minute rounds. I started by wanting to add the (mostly) unconditional removal spell of Femme Fatality which allows you to turn your input of small characters into the output of destroying their annoying characters.

The best way to enable this is as it happens is Goblin Queen – which also fills a hole with the Professor X deck, firstly playing an extra 2/6 flier and putting four extra bodies in the front row buys you a lot of time and gives you the additional bonus of having ANYTHING to do on turn four other than under drop.

Bridging the gap and staying alive until turn 6 where you start to exert your iron fist on the game. Playing Queen however stretches your Yellow resources which in a deck that is using Mental Domination and Chooser of the Slain seems a bit ropey so why not Madripoor? Playing Madripoor lets us play another on color (Blue) Femme increasing our femme count for the Fatality Plot Twist.

Satana and her Consume Soul are actually very powerful in this type of control deck as you’re typically in trouble to the Ghost Rider burning you out from a stable board. She plays double duty as you can both keep control of the opponents graveyard and she gives you a method to remove all of the other Ghost Riders from your opponents deck which makes your life a lot easier. I played one game against my Dark Phoenix deck where I removed all of their threats and won through a concession.

This deck is super rewarding to play and I enjoy the games greatly where you’re under the gun but just take over the game and switch the flip and mentally dominate the entire board state with your level two Proffessor X.

In a wildly different direction, we have the woman of war Captain Marvel, though this isn’t much different from the stock lists it’s still useful to have a decklist out there for people to look at and adjust to their own meta-games. I wanted to play this as an aggro control prison and came up with this. Maximizing the usefulness of her Energy Absorption to have her as a front row tank protecting your back row characters meant playing all of the cheap ranged characters that have some form of utility. This reminds me of the early Storm decks that we had last year and has a similar play pattern. Though this deck as all aggro decks are in this game is very difficult to pilot really is a blast to play once you understand your format – knowing what to Cosmo, when to hold back Yondu what you should be prioritizing with Rocket for buying back and how deep you want to go with your Star Lord team attacks. Dagger is a great new inclusion as she completely turns off Ghost Rider as a stabilizing effect from your opponents and in conjunction with Moonstone can solidfy your grip on the game with a large front row Marvel and Meggan.

4 Cosmo
4 Yondu
4 Moonstone
4 Meggan
3 Dagger
4 Rocket
3 Star-Lord
3 Punisher

The full suite of Even the Odds is an easy inclusion when you’re playing 15 Guardians characters it’s the best plot twist outside of Super Senses and can often trade on a greater than One for One basis in combat as it can wipe away any power ups and Find Covers your opponents may be playing to buy themselves some time. Star Lord really is the rug that ties the room together in this deck and allows for some huge team attacks later in the game that can decimate any threats on the other side of the board. Now Punisher, I’m not sure I like Punisher but I don’t much like playing against Miss America or other infinity wound characters either so I guess lethal is what we need.

Angry is definitely a great plot twist, but we are a snowball beatdown deck when all is said is done – playing just three allows for those times where a Luke Cage wants to slam head first into your MC only to get sent home with a poorly bonce. I felt like four was a touch too many and I wanted to fill up the rest of the deck with Build a Better World which fills a vital role in our deck where superpowers are so vital to our success. Ideally you want to be activating them every turn and growing your front row to greater sizes.

I don’t typically indulge myself with beatdown decks but the tempo and prison aspects of it reminded me of Faeries which I played in my Magic: The Gathering days so it felt too good to pass up.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you’re playing in your local shops in the comments below !